You are amazing, brilliant, scintillating and smart – but you keep holding yourself back.

It’s time to stop that shit. Seriously.

Listen, I GET IT! I know what it’s like to be on the verge of it all making sense, of feeling ready to unleash your brilliance and your potential.

Aaaaand, then throwing every fricking spanner you can find in the the works, and there you go, sabotaging yourself… again…



Here’s the wonderful news. It’s just GUNK.

Old beliefs. Old thoughts. Old patterns. Old behaviours. All old shit that no longer serves you. Just gunky gunky, gunk. It’s just stuck on a mind, body, cell (whatever you want to call it) level and it’s telling you tales.

GUNK= Physical restrictions and tightness in muscles or fascia. Emotional Scars that are disguised as ‘keeping  you safe’ but really are holding you back. Creative Scars such as unkind words, thoughts and actions from external sources that keep you playing small. Limiting Beliefs, the stories you tell yourself based on your life experiences or perception of those experiences. All of this is GUNK.

Here’s how I see it

Clearing your gunk and becoming more of the person you know you can be is an infinite loop, where:

– All things are possible.

– What you put in (effort wise) is what you get out. You gotta be committed to your growth and be ready to own the beauty as well as the crap (and sometimes the ability to receive the good stuff is the hardest thing to learn)

– But often, where you think the gunk is…it ain’t (to paraphrase Ida Rolf).


Success and Fulfilment. Creativity and Curiosity. They’re all in relationship with the infinite loop of releasing the gunk that’s holding you back whilst nurturing the being that’s taking you forward.

It's time to clean that shit up, wouldn't you say? Move forward to live those amazing dreams you have, see your gorgeous plans in full effect

 Let’s set up a time to talk and get you clean and clear, my love. Do it now – you’re too awesome to be sat waiting for the rest of your life to happen.


Ways to work with me.


Well, hands on is hands off …again… at least until 12th of April 2021

But never fear!

You still have choices. Here are three ways to work with me:

Body Geek Club is a monthly membership delivering you a minimum of 12 self treatment sessions EVERY MONTH. Designed to fit in with your busy life these can be accessed 24 hours a day and use only a few bits of simple equipment.

Each week you’ll receive 3 easy-to-follow 25 minute sessions. I’ll talk you through how, why and when to treat yourself using your hands, a foam roll, or a squishy ball. 

You’ll learn techniques for a lifetime of wellbeing whilst discovering the incredible connection between mind and body.

Rising Tide is 6 week course delivered over 8 weeks, with ongoing monthly Q&A calls and space to process your discoveries.

As they say a rising tide lifts all boats, and this course is designed to connect you to your body, your purpose and your creativity. 

You want to be in the company of others who inspire you, surprise you and lift you up. With monthly calls and an open door to the Body Geek Club, you’ll be surrounded by like minded others.

It’s time to cast off your feelings of trying to fit in. Why be vanilla when you really want to live your glorious technicolour matcha mochi choc chip ice cream best! 

Uplift is one to one mentoring with Meeeeee! We ‘meet’ every two weeks for a combination of body work, mind work and glorious creativity.

You’re a glorious freaking unicorn but you’ve been hiding for a looooong time. Or maybe you’re scared that you’re too weird for your family and neighbours, and yet, not quite weird enough to be truly living your best life? If so, this is the course for you.

Embrace your Suburban House Weird. Break out your colours, your creativity and your love of life. The time of locking down your unique brilliance is OVER! 

And no, you don’t have to do this alone. With access to the Rising Tide community and the Body Geek Club you’ll find weirdo buddies to keep you company.

LIFT YOUR WINGS TO THE SKY AND JUMP…you’re ready, I know you are.

Why Work With Me?

Not only have I been where you find yourself now, (and trust me, what ever stage you’re at, there’s always new gunk to clear) but I SEE you.


That’s my super power. I am a Nurture Alchemist after all, and we have very special abilities!

As you will find, I ask a shit ton of seemingly odd questions – ranging from hopes and dreams to dental work. In doing so, and by watching your body move, and your gestures at the same time, I recognise where the glitches lie – those sneak little sods that are holding your back. Whether it’s in your body or in a thought process, together we’ll follow them to the source and degunk them.  

Not only will we peel back the layers to clear out the old, but we’ll be strategising to get you feeling aligned with your desires, grounded in your body and cheerleaded in your choices, making taking action easy.

Check out Sheree’s transformation!


Don’t wander off and stick the kettle on! Arrange our chat first (then have a cuppa).

Meet Carrie

Carrie has always been delighted, mesmerised and amazed by the tenacity and ability of the human animal. Read on…

“…We ended the call with Carrie saying she would set me some homework, she was not kidding.  I opened an email from her that blew me away (in a good scary way).

She made suggestions and encouraged me to do things that were way out of my comfort zone, but because she had gone to so much effort on my part I felt I owed it to her to give it a go.

I have not looked back since, it has given me more clarity about what I should be doing to grow my business and confidence to try things that I am not altogether comfortable with as I kinow Carrie is just a phone call away. …”

Gillian Santander Crow

“…You spoke from the heart obviously passionate about what you do and about therapists in general. The things you said about being clear about the types of clients we would like to work with and that certain clients would be aligned to work with us, made me think….

… Working with the right mentor can be a very encouraging, motivating and supportive experience. Working as we did on Tuesday with 2 of us felt good and flowed well. I used some of the techniques you gave us with my sister Tuesday evening, they definately enhanced the massage.  So clear information and techniques that can be used stright away. Hope we can work together again sometime”

Louise Grundy