Hi beautiful heart led Creative!

It’s your future here!

It may be called Treatment Unicorn, but between you and me, it has nothing to do with Unicorns, or elves or fairy dust.

In honesty, its more about the feeling that come with “If you can be anything you want…be a frickin Unicorn”. And by that I mean, if you can be a body worker or  therapist, if you can be a wellpreneur, if you can be a creative, be the absolute best that you can be.

Be the cream that rises to the top.

Be the smile on your clients face when they realise that the way they feel after working with you, is a million times better than they have felt in months, years even…

Be the best version of you that you can be in this moment. And do it all your way, letting your unique awesomeness shine through.



Because I absolutely, truly, hand on heart believe that when we do what we do with our whole heart, with our brilliance on show like a freaking awesome magic cape, then we are incredibly special, gifted and ESSENTIAL human beings.

AND… I know that you are one of them, because you’re here, reading this, right now.

What I really want to ask you is this.

Do you feel like you are settling? Settling for a mediocre life?

Have you always had the feeling that within you there is brilliance? Almost dizzing joy and dazzling bliss that is being filtered on a daily basis and diluted down to near ordinary?

I have honestly had that feeling in the past. When, deep in my soul, I just knew it could be, should be different. And I’m speaking to you here as an equal, with no judgement, to say it’s okay to have a sense of wonder and the miraculous within you. In fact it’s blooming magical and utterly necessary.

Imagine how good it would feel to be embracing your brilliance. To be sure of what makes you uniquely awesome and to share those wonderful talents and gifts with clients who trust you, have faith in you and faith in themselves.

I truly believe that as therapists, wellpreneurs and creatives,  we work within the realms of physical structure (logical and rational to a degree) and energetic alchemy (Oh how I love the woo woo magic that happens when we look at the entirity of the being – the whole is most certainly greater than the sum of the parts!).  Whilst our clients may not necessarily see this, or know this, when we bring it together in the magical ways that we have, EVERYTHING changes. Transformations will light up the lives of your clients, and that ripple will spread. The ripple of change  (created by your hands  through love and epic treatment) will spread, via their pain free words and actions , into the lives of their family, friends and colleagues.

Did you ever stop to think that whole communities share the joy of your work?

We are these People, but unlike Unicorns our magic and healing abilities are not mythical, they’re real!

Let’s change this, we can start right now…


The thoughts you’re thinking, are creating your reality everyday – Do you like them?

Meet Carrie

Carrie has always been delighted, mesmerised and amazed by the tenacity and ability of the human animal. Read on…

“…We ended the call with Carrie saying she would set me some homework, she was not kidding.  I opened an email from her that blew me away (in a good scary way).

She made suggestions and encouraged me to do things that were way out of my comfort zone, but because she had gone to so much effort on my part I felt I owed it to her to give it a go.

I have not looked back since, it has given me more clarity about what I should be doing to grow my business and confidence to try things that I am not altogether comfortable with as I kinow Carrie is just a phone call away. …” Gillian Santander Crow

“…You spoke from the heart obviously passionate about what you do and about therapists in general. The things you said about being clear about the types of clients we would like to work with and that certain clients would be aligned to work with us, made me think….

… Working with the right mentor can be a very encouraging, motivating and supportive experience. Working as we did on Tuesday with 2 of us felt good and flowed well. I used some of the techniques you gave us with my sister Tuesday evening, they definately enhanced the massage.  So clear information and techniques that can be used stright away. Hope we can work together again sometime”

Louise Grundy