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Are You Ready to Build Your Practice Based on LOVE?

Are You Ready to Throw Away the Shoulds & Oughts?

The next round of Don't Shoehorn the Unicorn starts on Thursday 8th of March 2018 - let's make Transformation Happen!!

Over our four weeks, we’ll get our heads together so you can get CLARITY on what you LOVE to do, and work out WHO you LOVE to work with.

Once you know these things, you’ll find that you feel more confident, in your work as a practitioner and in your life.

When you are clear on what you choose to say YES to, then saying no feels less of a struggle.

It’s totally true that having  FAITH in yourself,  you magically draw towards you clients that you absolutely LOVE to work with.

You may find that you feel less anxiety about whether you are ‘doing it right’ because you’ll be able to discern what is shouty ego and what is calm, focused intution. It’s about honouring the instinctual part of you, that led you to become a therapist.

Do more of the work that you LOVE to do, every day.

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create your Transformation!

4 weeks of live classes, journaling prompts and cheerleading to get You closer to your dreams. With a private facebook group and a weekly facebook live, plus Question and Answer sessions – it’s going to be Fun



Praise for Don't Shoehorn the Unicorn

I’ve realised I’ve been dumbing down my abilities and I already have some of the qualities I’ve been wishing for. A lot of what I want is already there…I just didn’t know it.

Helen Wright

More Praise for Don't Shoehorn the Unicorn

From the first week I felt more fired up, more confident and went out and made things happen.

Anita Gilbert

Further Praise for Don't Shoehorn the Unicorn

When asked what she enjoyed: Being open to the ‘woo woo’ amd learning how to trust the Universe. Trying to feel rather than just intellectualise the power of intention.

Georgina Ramos

We Start on Thursday 8th March 12pm GMT