We are cantering towards the end of the loooooongest year in the history of forever. For many people the joy of Christmas and all the normality it promises can’t come soon enough. In a dazzling display of “We’re OKAY”ness, I’ve seen more lightup Snowmen, LED Reindeer and inflatable Santas than ever before. I like it. It’s cheery. And verging on a little bit batshit.


But joking aside, this can easily become an overwhelming time of year – even without Christmas or a global pandemic. Shorter daylight hours and soggy days can leave us cooped up inside, and for those of us working from home, this is when the reality of not having a daily commute can kick in. So here are my top 5 tips for keeping the seasonal whelm at bay:



 Here ya go…

1.Create a commute. Set aside time in the morning and afternoon to get out of the house and go for a walk. Bundle yourself up and get some daylight. It’ll help regulate the serotonin in your brain, which aids your internal clock. You may find you sleep better too.

2. Drink more water. In colder weather cold water is less appealing, so top up your glass with hot water (If you’re using a glass, make sure you put the cold water in first). Central heating and snuffle driven mouth breathing dry you out, making drinking more water a good idea. A better hydrated body bounces back from germs quicker and helps with cognitive clarity.

3. Make a list. If there’s a lot going on, it’s time to make a plan. Instead of writing general to do’s which can seem huge and unwieldy, try breaking down each task into smaller steps. Ticking jobs off your list creates a sense of satisfaction and helps you feel like things are within your control – which they are. 


4. Schedule time for self care. It’s about keeping it easy with this one. It can be as simple as turning off the heating half an hour earlier so your bedroom is cooler and you sleep better. Maybe you’d benefit from 20 minutes when you get in from work to lie on the floor and stretch. Taking 10 minutes at the top of the day to plan your day out works wonders for your productivity. These are all forms of self care, it’s about recognising what stresses you out and how you can tweak your day to keep things glitch free. And don’t forget each week there’s a new self treatment video for you to try right here in this newsletter!

5. Finally, Say No. It’s totally okay to say No when someone asks you to do that one extra thing if it’s going to tip you over the edge. It’s absolutely awesome to reschedule something for the New Year. This has been a heck of a year, unprecedented in so many ways, so being kind to yourself by setting up boundaries and saying no thank you to things that don’t serve you right now, is absolutely, positively excellent.


Speaking of which, I’m recognising how tired I am too. I like to go at things full of gusto, and my gusto tank is dipping, so I’m not launching my membership this year. Instead, you can come join me for weekly self treatment and embodied growth work from the third week of January.