Achieving consistency in your marketing is really a lot like toilet training a puppy.
You know why? It’s all about the ability to produce content that will delight it’s audience on a regular basis, appear in the right place and dependably on time.
Puppies tend not to be very good at that. Not at first. They learn over time.
So what’s the first rule of puppy training? Don’t shout at the puppy. You’ll only make it piddle on your shoes and you’ve got enough soggy mess to deal with already!
Instead, you’ve got to be kind to the puppy. Encouraging words and understanding, correcting it when it goes awry and congratulating it when it gets it right time, right place and regular.
No one scolds a puppy. You are the puppy. Your marketing is the puppy. Be the puppy.
So what does this mean for you? It’s about giving yourself compassion. Stop beating yourself up if you don’t get a blog post out every week. Or if you can’t think of enough witty things to say at BNI. Or the fact that you spent most of the afternoon creating an entertaining meme to go with your post to the detriment of actually getting the thing done.
Now, don’t get me wrong, consistency is awesome. Like a really good thing. But as someone who has learnt the hard way, and damned herself all the way for being ‘lazy’ and ‘uncommited’, here’s the thing I know… marketing has to be fun, it has to resonate with who you are, and if you really can’t find a way to enjoy it…maybe you need to try another way or ask someone to help.
Once you get interaction it gets easier, less of a chore. After all, you know you have a bunch of like minded folk who recognise you for the brilliant human being that you are. Then you want to show up for them. You kind of look forward to sharing the next snippet of information. So, if you’re someone who needs to actually meet and greet, hug and have real person to person interactions then do more of that. It doesn’t have to be stale old school networking events to be marketing, it can be about striking up conversations in the bus queue, or chatting to friends of friends you meet when you’re out and about. Take the idea back a bit in your head, from ‘Scary business make or break situation’ to having a gas about something you love to do.
Likewise, if the idea of walking into a room full of people is the thing that gives you cold sweats, but Instagram is your thing do that.
Marketing is is basically just talking about the stuff you love to do at work in a way that excites and enthuses others. It’s not about selling (well, you can make it about selling but….yuck, boring!). In the same way that you can teach a puppy to pee in the right place much quicker if you keep it fun and rewarding….
So yeah, be the puppy.
But in case you were wondering, every puppy needs a steady hand who can give firm advice and help you stay on track. Mentoring could be the missing link in getting you out of bad habits and setting you up for success and prosperity. If you’d like to have a chat and see how the Treatment Unicorn approach can help you get clarity on what you are uniquely awesome at then get in touch and lets arrange a time to chat
Big love,