Alright Sweetcheeks!

So are you a visual person? A hands on person? A numbers person? 

What I’m talking about today is probably more for the members of the first two groups than the last. As a visual/ hands on bod myself, it’s certainly how my brain works best. With this comes defining, limiting beliefs at times. As a non numbers person maybe you too have been running a belief that you’re “No good with numbers”? 

Lo! The number of years I spun myself that line “Oh well, I can never be truly successful in business because I’m ‘No good with numbers’.”. 

Or the other classic of being scared of completing your tax return or accounts because “I’m bound to get it wrong, then the tax man will hunt me down, and the police will come to my door, and I’ll be thrown into prison, or taken to court, or thrown to the wolves, and people will know and point and laugh, and I shall be forced to live in a cave due to the shame, whilst my family will shun me and… OH! IF ONLY I WAS GOOD AT NUMBERS!!”

You think I’m being melodramatic with the last one? Well, you’re probably a numbers person… For many of us, the struggle is ‘real’ and we allow it to hold us back. You can literally feel the heaviness in your body, the awareness of being asked to perform maths based life skills can give many people REAL, TANGIBLE physical symptoms – like Migraines. It’s both a coping mechanism and a way of excusing ourselves from what we perceive to be inevitable failure.

Anyhoo, SO, what I realised is this – I’m a grown ass woman who’s been running her own businesses since she graduated from University. People, I have LITERALLY never had a ‘proper’ job. Now, I’ve paid for enough Business coaching in my career to be aware of the idiom “What get’s measured, grows”. 

HOWEVER…that involved spreadsheets (blurgh) and sum functions (heave) and tracking (EEEEEEEeeeeK!). So guess who steered away from Excel? This Gal!!!

Then I noticed that other folk were tracking their success in other ways. Which felt doable – I certainly wasn’t finding myself wanting to run for the hills. So I thought to myself…How can I make this Easy? What do I find funny? 

Well, that’s a no brainer….Cat’s Asses! (It’s pretty much the only thing I can draw – don’t judge me.)

So here is my contribution to the world of success tracking – 100 CATS ARE GO! Each cat represents 1% of whatever you choose it to be. Or, from a less mathematical viewpoint, one slice of the goal pie!  Plus you get all the instant gratification of colouring in a cat as you move towards your target.

Colouring feels good huh? It’s fun, you get to make choices, be creative, it connects both hemispheres of your brain, and it gives you a little hit of happy hormones that come with achieving! One of my favourite games to play in my workshops is ‘Your Body as Barometer’. During this exercise, we play with how emotions affect range of movement. It’s always astonishing how much more fluid and supple the body feels with a positive thought.

Anyways, my cat loving, target crushing friend, if you feel you would ROCK your goals, if only you weren’t reliant on numbers, then I hear ya! You are so very welcome to grab my 100 Cats Are Go! goal sheet, in fact you can download it here.

Big love,

Carrie x