I’m planning today.

That sounds a lot duller than it is. A lot of us feel resistance about planning the next 12 months ahead. I have always been scratchy about it – like it’s an allergy bringing me out in red welts. But this morning I decided to listen to all those wise ones who spout on about “Fail to plan, plan to fail” and “Millionaires look at their goals once a day, Billionaires look at them twice” and which have always caused me to think to myself… “Meh….whatev’s”.

Having had a chat with myself last week, which went something along the lines of “How’s that not planning thing working out for you…” and then ignoring myself. This morning I sat down with my journal and made a list that I can actually follow. I kept it super simple. I totally took the pressure off. The only promise I have made myself is that I promise to stay curious.

So the first thing I did was say “What would I like to do next year?”. What would feel lovely in my heart to keep playing with? What did I do this year, that I would enjoy revisiting again? What have I missed doing? And a couple of three projects cropped up.

Then I thought to myself, How do I work best? It’s different for all of us. Personally though, I’m a far more social animal than I have given myself credit for over the last decade. I love to collaborate. I love to talk to people and find out their opinions and views (and I don’t feel an overwhelming need to tell them their wrong! I am totally good with everyone being entitled to their own opinion – even if there could be a useful readjustment. And if you wish to see artful conversation with an open heart and no judgement take place – follow Rain Dove on Instagram. They are creating new viewpoints and safe containers one conversation at a time). I love being with people in workshops, seeing their brains expand and watching as the penny drops as they realise how much wonder there is within them. So lots of collaboration, conversation and teaching in person for me this next year.

And really that’s it. I’ve set a couple of income goals – they feel like a stretch. The first one will be the hardest because even though it’s not big, it’s a little bigger than I’ve achieved before. So it’s good scary. In a way that will make me feel confident and create momentum for the rest of the year. And yuh, I’m planning on writing them down often (not even because I have a mad craving to be a millionaire, I’m just really curious about what happened if I do!)

I’ve also made a list of the things that will help me achieve all my goals next year. Wanna know what they are? Check out this post with my personal self care recommendations. I totally recommend you getting to know what you need to feel like you like, love and nurture yourself. It’s great to know what works for you, AND its even better to remember to do them – so write your self care menu out, stick it up on a wall and USE IT!!

So yuh, when I say I’ve been planning…. what I really mean is that I’ve been reflecting, curating, dreaming, scaring myself a little, and breathing into what will be an amplification of MY magic.

Because MY magic is about amplifying YOUR magic.

And what I’ve learnt about myself this year, is that I love to bring the magic out of my clients, to show you where you hold your gunk, and guide you as you discover your next new levels beyond that.

When I work on a clients body, I can feel the unravelling of the tissue. We work together to release the old patterns and let the magic flow. If you are someone who uses your voice or body in your profession, then you step more firmly into your potential. It’s time for me to put my hands back on.

What’s it time for you to do?

2020 will be a year of playfulness, curiosity and embodiment. Owning what make you and I uniquely awesome. It’s going to be a 12 month Wonder Experiment. Let’s see what lights us up and sets us free, then do more of that!

So there you are, that’s my stake in the ground!

I’d love to know what’s yours? Get in touch and let’s chat, you can email me at carrie@wearetreatmentunicorns.com

Big love,

Carrie x