Hello Beautiful You!

The thing about us being a luscious Unicorns, is that we are ideas people.

We have a vision for how good the future could be.

We love to be participants in change – which isn’t to say that change doesn’t scare us, but we are driven by a knowing that things can be better.

We value creativity, knowledge, the magic of life, love, laughter.

Our viewpoint of the world is generally optimistic and positive.

Some people think we are fluffy, often times we are referred to as childlike.

Our openness and wonder make us joyous creatures.

However, this doesn’t mean that we are vapid, stupid or pointless.

Far from it.

We are ambitious in a way that isn’t rooted in money, but in creating a happier, richer environment.

We stand for inclusivity and change, although it can be said that we are often irritated by old school strategies such as planning, spreadsheets, and long range goals. 

Here’s the cool thing. It doesn’t have to be that way.

If we open the door on the possibility that  some structure could be useful, we could actually free up a lot of headspace and create a calmness in which to create bigger and better things. 

I’ve met a lot of Unicorns like you: special; talented; unique aaaaand generally waiting for the ‘right time’ to go out there and be awesome.

My love, the ‘right time’ is now. NOW.

But you need support, I hear you.


You need a bit of guidance. A plan that feels more like a dance, a loose framework that you can play in, than a shackle to pin you down with.


For this purpose I created a transformational starter – a simple to read, simple to use workbook, with three simple to use worksheets (one of which will keep you company for years to come).


It’s called Degunked & Aligned and you can get it right here


Don’t stop to think, it’ll cost you nothing, but could change EVERYTHING. Click the big ol’ picture and get started asap.

Now is the time to stop saying “I’m gunna do it. I can do that. I can get my shit together”…then another bright shiny object comes into sight and off you go again chasing rainbows, instead of creating the foundations of the life you really want to live.

Let’s create those foundations here and together.

I’m going to run you through 3 of my favourite games for clearing up the mental fog of what makes you awesome, what you can create with it and how to get that shit done, week after week after week. You can create anything you want to create and be anything you want to be.

Believe it my Unicorn friend, believe it.

Big love, 

Carrie x


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