Hello my lovelies.

Well here’s a thing that I am both incredibly excited to tell yo about and also more than a little nervous giddy. I’ve been hoarding an idea for a while now, waiting for the right moment. The perfect moment in fact. But as we all know, perfection is over rated, am I right??? I mean, perfection is a wonderful notion, but real life is just so darn sticky that perfection gets covered in finger prints within moments aways, so maybe we shouldn’t get too hung up on that.

Anyways, I’m vasalating (if that’s how you spell it) because this idea became a thing. And it feels like a special thing and I’m very proud to share it with you and invite you to come along for the adventure.

Throughout my work I am fascinated by the individual, and maybe even more so fascinated by the potential within each individual. What’s really giddy-ing is that even though the individual is so unique, across the community there are common felt issues, beliefs, fears, sorrows, dreams, happinesses, the whole gamut of human emotion. There are also common techniques and methods that can be adapted to suit each member of the community so that they may flourish and thrive.

For this purpose, for the flourishment of our potential, I have evolved a course that brings together the best of my self care techniques and a lot of wisdom that I have gathered over the years.¬† So I am delighted to bring you…

Creative Soulbalm is a 5 part course designed to put the magic back in your hands, especially if you live your life creatively. That may mean that you are creative for a living, or just that you have a hearts desire to make, do, create, heal, mould, shape, garden, paint, sew, write….I could go on. Instinctively, if you are someone that uses their hands to express how their mind feels and it comes via your heart, then Creative Soulbalm is for you. You will discover self care techniques, wisdom and knowledge that will bring you back into feeling ‘in’ your body. It’s my hearts desire to show you ways in which you can stoke the fires of creativity, inspiration and curiousity.

Here’s the thing, I have held this project very close to me because it feels powerful, I get goosebumps thinking about it, so I’m asking for your love and guidance as the course rolls out. As part of this first round of Creative Soulbalm, you’ll be helping me test techniques and teaching that even though I have used them for years and years, with great results, I’d love to really hone them, to make it super useful for all. This is why I’m keeping the price low, because I will be asking for feedback (and anyone who knows me will know I aska¬† lot of questions!) This my friends is called a beta group. The glorious news is, your early uptake now also secures a second dose of Soulbalm as we take the show on the road again in early 2019.


Waddya say? Wanna come on an adventure of discovery? Join now, click this link www.wearetreatmentunicorns.com/csbeta