Feeling for clarity

I get so distracted... Yes we all do. Now, on with it Carrie, what were you trying to tell us? Ah yes, so, I made a discovery. A discovery which makes a lot of sense but I just hadn't felt it yet. Stay with me people... I am super kinesthetic. This means that I like...

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Carrie Ekins

Carrie Ekins

Head of the Herd - mentor

When I was a girl, I was not your run of the mill, A grade student. I admit it, I was always a little kookier than the others, and I tried hard to conform, to work hard and be the good girl. But there were always crystals and holistics and a certain feeling that things didn’t have to be so normal, dutiful and mundane buzzing around in the back of my head.

As for many of us therapists and healer types, deep in my heart I knew what my calling was, but it was fuzzy in form, so university beckoned and a respectable 2:1 in Bsc (hons) Psychology was the prize. However, this wasn’t the real study of people that I yearned for, Psychology was all words and rhetoric – only leading to a corporate career and a management fast track. So I ran away to learn about the world. My mother always knew I would…