Course & Earnings Disclaimer

What you put in, is what you get out. I cannot guarantee the results you will see. Getting results can often be like peeling an onion, there are layers and layers (and sometimes they make you cry).

One of the biggest things I can teach you is about personal responsibility. It’s about owning the gunk you see before you, and also about knowing what gunk is yours to clear. 

Working with me will not change the people around you (I don’t work like that, in the same way I don’t work with people because they’ve been told that they ‘ought’ to work with me – yuck), however, working with me, may change how you perceive those around you and change the way in which you respond to their behaviour. And funnily enough, THAT can change their behaviour.


Let’s talk about earnings too. I can’t guarantee that by working with me you will see an increase in your earnings/income. Same process, different onion – what you put in, will change what you get back. Growing as a person and growing financially are often linked – do all of the work and be prepared to be patient.

Please note that testimonials are for inspiration and enlightenment – they’re not to be interpreted as a promise. Not only can I/We not guarantee your success but I/We are not responsible for it either


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