So, there I was in the shower, washing my feet and prodding at the tough callousy bits and it got me thinking about my therapist friend Helen. Helen combines reflexology with myofascial release – she’s awesome, with her innate talent for feeling into the glitches and tightness’ of the body by communing with your sole – and also your Soul whilst she’s at it.

On a parallel track, and maybe it’s just me, but I have a selection of books that I use almost as Oracles. When I wish to be informed on the Universal level of what’s going on in my world with wisdom and gentle guidance – these are the books that I turn to, with a question in mind, then I flip one open randomly and receive the goodness.

One of those books is Louise L Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. I admit, the first time I read it, about 11 years ago, I was thrown by the woo woo of it all. I mean, come on, for real?? You expect me to believe that my body and all it’s brokenness is telling me something? Shouting to me, pleading with me, to look at all the crazy shit that I keep perpetuating in my life?? Purhh lease!!!

But then I read it again, and again and again…I picked it up here and there and whilst I’m not saying I’m down with it all – I do give it a healthy respect.

Anyways, back to me in the shower, so there I am scrubbing my feet, looking at my cracked heels, thinking “What would Louise say about these?!?”

Cracked heels…from digging my heels in?? Literally and metaphorically?? Shit…she may be on to something here…

I admit, I’m not the quickest implementator in the world. If I put into my plans into action as quickly as I can dream them up then I’d be pooping gold by now. In the past I failed over and over to schedule in time to act…I procrastinated…eeeek! Then (and worse0 I would second guess myself, and mither, and come to the conclusion that my original idea was actually bobbins and the second and third versions weren’t much cop either! Damn…hmmmm….and then I’d be back to the drawing board in Knowheresville.

I’m guessing that I’m not alone here….a few sage nods of the head, a few checks of the feet, a hollow chuckle perhaps….

I know, I get it, how DO we know when the new big idea is the right one? How can we tell if that small but important tweak to our business will serve us?

A lot of that answer is based on how it feels. Feel is all important. Does that incoming download feel good, does it make sense? Does it give you tingles and scare you a little? Can you take action on it NOW, before you over think it?

It’s sometimes over looked that a decision made can also be revoked – it’s not set in stone (well unless you’re actually a Stonemason!)

Knowing that a decision can be reversed should feel like a load has been lifted. Phew! You mean that if I don’t like it I can take it back? Even if I no longer have the receipt?? Ace!

What stalls us from experimenting then? Of putting a new idea out there in a suck it and see stylee and reverting back to the original plan if no positive uptake happens. It’s my best guess that it’s our ego – digging its own ego heels in – because it wants us to think that surely a reversal of a decision is actually a mistake? That’s how it’s going to be perceived huh? As a whopping big, egg on your face, your can’t handle the responsibility, failure.

Ooooh that stings, a failure – can you feel the way your gut tightens at the very thought of it?

There’s the fear. Yuck – it’s scary to out yourself out there and feel judged. It’s scary to feel like we’ve ‘got it wrong’. I mean, what will people think of us? How will we respond? Surely we’re not responsible grownups if we go about changing our minds.

But fear is just an emotion – like happiness, and bliss and surprise all are. We feel those too, but we don’t over think them do we?

Fear is only problematic when we give it credence, when we throw it a parade, crown it carnival queen and allow it to dominate our responses. If fear is acknowledged, if we listen to what it’s teaching us and actually learn, rather than letting it run the show and carry on regardless then we can move ahead with confidence and excitement.

Changes in the way we run our business as sole traders (maybe that should be SOUL traders) can at times feel as though we are holding up a piece of our very being. It can take tremendous courage to raise our prices, move our work location, change our working hours or even the way we work. We sweat over it, I know from personal experience that it can keep me awake at night and the tiredness from the insomnia can cloud our judgement and our decision making.

So how about we choose to life our feet – write deeply about what we wish to change in our lives and then take brave steps towards actually achieving it before we mire ourselves in ego doubt.

If, like me, you have been grinding over decisions for a while, but keep dismissing the same or very similar solutions – then go with it, trust your gut – especially if that’s a solution that comes to you in water – I know, sounds bonkers – but seriously, the best ideas and solutions often come when showering, swimming, bathing, even washing up. It’s the same with movement, when we defocus on our worries and loose ourselves in momentum and easy, repetitive tasks, then clarity can flow in and we can see what needs to happen.

These are all ways to shake off resistance, no more dragging your feet or digging in your heels. Maybe now is the time to act – I say maybe…but you know I mean Now. Let’s take action now.