Ready to learn the secrets of how to be Creative & Rested?

Are you a big hearted creative who gives, and gives and gives?

That it almost feels as though you are WIRED to give?

Is creativity a huge part of you, but sometimes you feel like it’s a moth, trapped and turned to dust in the back of an old wardrobe?

Are there times when you feel used up and exhausted?

Here’s the good news, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine if…

  • You could harness your natural creativity (without depleting yourself)
  • You could learn easy techniques to soften your muscles to  feel more comfortable in your body,
  • Your life feels easy…and FUN
  • Ooooh – and this is the best bit: Imagine if achieving all the above helped you to be MORE expansive in your thinking, beliefs, desires and creations.

Sounds good, right? Can you feel how READY your body is for this?


Once you learn how easy it is to tap into and release the tightness and restrictions of your body, then you’ll discover an increasing ease in your ability to get focused, stay centered, and sit comfortably still for long enough that all these ideas can run through you and out into reality, rather than watching in horror as they Willow the wisp away.

You’ll discover ways to love, appreciate and look after your most overlooked tools – your hands, arms and shoulders. There will be focus on your creative voice – how to dig more deeply into your potential, have confidence in your intuition and your work and to get hands on to care for your neck and jaw – we will unleash the mechanics of your voice on metaphoric and literal planes.

When you pay attention to your bodies and give it what it truly needs, you can let go of so much old gunk that no longer serves you. When you let go of the gunk, you create space within. The space within fosters confidence, ease and balance that you will feel throughout your life, work and creativity.

Join me on a nine class creative journey in which I’ll show you how to unleash your creative potential whilst bringing a sense of rest to your body.

I’ll be your guide to the incredible dance that is your mind and body, teaching you super simple hands on body techniques and telling you all about the captivating creature you truly are.

We Get Started Tuesday the 18th of August 2020

Intake Closed For This Round of Creative & Rested


I’ll include a group clarity session with each class. Lasting upto 60 minutes, you’ll have the opportunity to ask deeper questions, receive technique tweaks, and take your new self care skills to the next level. This is about greater transformation. The wonderful thing about being in a group is the opportunity to receive answers to the questions you didn’t even know you have!

***This gift is available to ONLY the first SIX early action takers.***


Why you need Creative & Rested.

Whether you are an artist, a musician, a writer, a therapist or healer, a designer, a dancer, a gardener or a sculptor, or someone who knows that your creativity is an essential part of being you.  If you’ve ever hand that feeling that the channel between your mind and hands has run dry or that  sitting at your craft leaves you exhausted, and constantly wondering when the next holiday is, then I’ll show you the tried and tested techniques I’ve been using with my clients over the years.

We all know that the creative process is a combination of inspiration and perspiration.  The concentration and effort your expend is held within the muscles and fascia of your neck, jaw, shoulders, arms, hands, back, legs – in fact, every bit of you from top of your head to the sole of your foot!

But have you ever thought that there might be simple ways to feel more comfortable in your own skin?  From working with creatives, just like you, from many different backgrounds over the past decade, I have seen the incredible results that occur when you bring your body into the creative conversation.

This programme is designed for you and your creativity. During our time together (and beyond) you will receive:

  • Easy techniques, no fuss or complex equipment required, that will care for you and reinvigorate you.
  • Guidance on how to set boundaries that create a happier, healthier container for you to give from and create in.
  • An awakening of your curiosity and an appreciation of the wonder you truly are.
  • A better understanding of your intuitive skills that will ignite your potential
  • The desire to create your next level of work as you unleash your creativity
  • Greater trust in yourself and a feeling of groundedness and confidence
  • A deeper understanding of how stress feels for you and impactful ways to overcome it.


Meet Carrie

There’s a quote from Ken Robinson “Creativity when unexpressed becomes malignant”. How true of creative beings is that?!?! When we stunt, hold back or smother the very thing in us which makes us truly us, then it’s like a little death inside us.

This is exactly the reason for this programme, to give you all that you need to integrate your body into your creative process. To embody your art, your work more, and by doing this you create more authentically.

For well over a decade I have been a bodyworker/ massage therapist, specialising in myofascial release and muscle activation. This is my own personal happy place. Ha! it’s much MORE than that – this is where I come alive!  I can see the glitches in your body, work with you to find the way to release the restrictions they cause and help your brain and your body to fall back in love again.

I’m a geek with a passionate heart. I love to see those around me live the life that makes them happiest – that really fills up their cup. I am truly so excited about Creative Rest – everything in this course I KNOW works. In a way that is truly life transforming and I’ll share the best of my 15 years experience with you – promise!

I believe in ease and joy, the question I ask myself most? It’s “How can this be easy?”. This programme is designed to help you put that question at the centre too. And it should be EASY for you to shine, because there is MAGIC coursing through your veins and your wonderous creativity deserves to be shared with the world (*steps down off epic soapbox unapologetically*).


I’ll include a group clarity session with each class. Lasting upto 60 minutes, you’ll have the opportunity to ask deeper questions, receive technique tweaks, and take your new self care skills to the next level. This is about greater transformation. The wonderful thing about being in a group is the opportunity to receive answers to the questions you didn’t even know you have!

***This gift is available to ONLY the first SIX early action takers.***


Join Creative & Rested

This programme is delivered over 12 weeks. A new class is released on the Friday 3 out of 4 weeks with a catch up week between each block, and a final class where we bring it all together and set intention for the future. To support your learning, there will also be weekly live teaching sessions (Wednesdays) so you can deepen your understanding, ask questions and check your technique.

Email me to join the waitlist for the next round 

 What is included?

  • There are 9 taught modules. For three out of four weeks,  you’ll join me for a 45 minute live (virtual) class – there’s going to be an emphasis on super simple ways that you can work on your own body and free up restrictions that are holding you back. Use this time to check techniques, receive self treatment and ask questions. Week four gives you an opportunity to catch up or dive in deeper with a VIP 1:1 coaching call.
  • Missed the class? Want to absorb it more deeply? Catch it again in the private facebook group or our dedicated YouTube playlist.
  • Weekly ‘Morning Pages’ style journaling prompts, to get you thinking about your creativity, your happiness and what makes you uniquely awesome.
  • Weekly intention setting – Desire, Inspire, Require, Retire prompts.
  • Support and a safe space to share your thoughts, fears and be celebrated in our private Facebook group.


I’ll include a group clarity session with each class. Lasting upto 60 minutes, you’ll have the opportunity to ask deeper questions, receive technique tweaks, and take your new self care skills to the next level. This is about greater transformation. The wonderful thing about being in a group is the opportunity to receive answers to the questions you didn’t even know you have!

***This gift is available to the first SIX early action takers.***

Creative & Rested is designed so that right brained people – just like you, can learn, see and feel how to prime the pumps of a healthy, enduring life – one in which you spend more time doing the things you love. It’s about creating the physical alchemy that allows you to keep making happy happen. Sometimes though, we have medical conditions that change our requirements. If you have a long term condition or are prescribed mecication on an ongoing basis please check here to ensure that Creative & Rested is the right choice for you

My heart’s desire is to teach you skills that you can use for the rest of your days, these aren’t one time tap dances! Instead, think of them as tools that will empower you, and heal you time and time again.

You’ll learn:

  • Techniques that bring you greater control of your breath, your ability to relax, that calm your nerves and keep you focused.
  • Fascinating ways to improve the connection between mind and muscle.
  • How your connective tissue is the creator of chaos, and simple ways to release those restrictions that no longer serve you.
  • How changing how you feel, changes your reality.
  • Ways to create from your most vulnerable, authentic self whilst feeling safe.
  • Simple ways you can ground yourself and clear your energy.
  • Making everyday habit of creating positive intention and bring in to your life all the good stuff you love.

We Get Started Tuesday the 18th of August 2020

What people say…

Carrie is nothing short of a sorceress. I came to her with a host of muscular imbalances and pains on my journey to recover from CFS. Her techniques helped relieve my pain, and her education has made me feel empowered to support my body in its healing. What I wasn’t prepared for was the emotional and spiritual journey that Carrie has been instrumental in guiding me through. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have set up my own design business, had the courage to do things that scare me, and ultimately carve out a life I love. I’m privileged to call Carrie not only my MFR therapist, but my amazing friend too. Trust in her woo woo; you won’t regret it.’
Laura Evans

Visual Storyteller and Designer, Nifty Fox Creative

“I hadn’t realised that I was my biggest critic, telling myself ‘I’m not as good as everyone else’, ‘I’m a fraud’, ‘I shouldn’t be a therapist’, ‘ I’m not good enough’ although not constantly, but enough to make me believe it.
Journaling and watching Carrie’s videos showed me that I’ve always been an amazing therapist and I should embrace my uniqueness.
I have learnt to trust my inner intuitive voice, go with my feelings and with the flow of my treatment. I’m starting to attract the clients I want to work with and I don’t worry if I’m doing it right anymore, which gives me a wonderful feeling of freedom.
I’m still journaling and love it!”
Helen Wright

Myofascial & Massage Therapist

“The videos were great, showing how to find perfection in imperfection, how to get yourself out of a funk, and introducing ideas that I had never come across before, like the vortex, and the power of abracadabra 😊.

The journalling prompts really made me think, made me uncomfortable (in a good way) and are still now getting me into the habit of setting intentions and choosing how my day goes, so that day by day I know I’m taking little steps towards bigger goals.

Thank you!”

Georgina Ramos

Movement Therapist, Move Free

“I am definitely asking more ‘Whys’ and holding onto the idea that things should be/can be ‘easier’. Working more with that sense of ease and reminding myself that sometimes you have to hold out and be brave to create the environment that will make you thrive. I enjoyed the group interaction and the motivation it gave me after each session.  I loved the warm up music tracks to set the tone.”
Anita Gilbert

Voice Coach, SpeakEasy

This is what you’ll learn (in no particular order because we’re going to be flowing through the material)


  1. Intro – Why Givers give and what happens when it makes you feel stuck? Physical, emotional, mentally and creatively
  2. What is fascia and why it matters (even if you didn’t know you have it)
  3. The magic of living a creative life
  4. Filling life with intention – cunning tricks to get more magic everyday
  5. Viva las Vagus – your most important nerve and how to calm your stress response – hands on technique work
  6. Caring for your tools – hands on shoulder, arm and hand releases
  7. Freeing up your creative voice – where to find it, what it feels like
  8. Techniques to free up your voice – hands on throat and jaw work
  9. Getting Grounded – everyday meditation to help you get settled
  10. Getting your slink back – hands on lower body pelvis work
  11. The lymphatic system – a hands on immune rooster booster
  12. Extra slinky – hands on rotation and core release work

Community is so important for humans – we all require connection (to varying degrees) One of the biggest thwarters of creative output is a lack of input. When I say input I mean: inspiration, fresh ideas, the safety of a space in which to vent frustrations and receive compassion, clarity and the knowledge that others ‘get’ where you are. Community isn’t about comparison and it isn’t about competition, it’s about support, friendship and even though our opinions and methodology differs we can still be respectful of another’s viewpoint. This course is not just about your connection to your body and it’s internal world, it’s also about connection to the external world – too often we isolate ourselves as a result of overwhelm and over giving, when this is indeed the perfect time to reach out and be supported by empathetic others.

Here’s an important bit!


This course is not a replacement for medical advice or treatment. If you have an underlying health concern please speak to your Medical Doctor/ Specialist or GP. Whilst the body care techniques are very gentle, they may not be suitable for all – please get in touch prior to enrolling for this programme and we can access it’s suitability for you.


For some of us, our bodies may have felt ‘unsafe’ at one time or another, if you feel ready to reconnect with your body, to treat yourself with kindness and compassion, to be open to letting go of old hurt and letting in new gentleness, but although the tug is strong you still feel nervous, please get in touch and we can chat it through. Email me at


We Get Started Tuesday the 18th of August 2020