You know that feeling when you’ve done less exercise for a while and then you try and stretch for a thing and your whole body goes NOOOOOOOOO!?!? And in your head you’re like “Ah crap, that really shouldn’t feel like that!?! That used to be easy”

So you think about all the things you have and haven’t been doing over the past few months, years and decades and resolve that it’s “TIME TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT” – by which I mean not just joining a gym and not going, but actually committing to stretching, cardio, eating better and all that good stuff. 

Can you remember what happens next?

You start to feel goooood, you have more energy, more ping in your step. For some of you, there’s a realisation that you can keep it up, but you need a little extra motivation and support – this is why groups like Couch to 5k are so popular. You get to sweat and feel good surrounded by folk who ‘get it’.

Suddenly a world of achievement, community and HELL YES!ness is revealed to you and you realise that you are SO CAPABLE and actually YOU COULD GET GOOD AT THIS and HECK, YOU LIKE IT!!! 

Here’s the thing…Your creativity is exactly the same.

It’s like a muscle that needs to be flexed and exercised to be kept in tip top condition.The more you practice, the better it feels. Wouldn’t you agree that’s kind of like running a 5k – it’s astonishingly easy to talk yourself out of it (even though you know it has the potential to make you feel great) and we do this far too often. We talk ourselves out of writing the book, performing the part, singing the song, creating the course, redesigning the garden, y’know….doing ‘the thing’.


And when we do this we do it because 1) You believe that you CAN’T DO IT – that other people would do it better, that it’s too late for you, you’re not smart enough, or skilled enough, or experienced enough. Or 2) You forgot how good it FEELS to DO the thing and BE the thing.

Modern life gunks us up like this – there’s no two ways about it. It makes us sedentary, sits us on our arses for far too many an hour (and you know, we like it, dammit!), we are fed a constant stream of content to compare ourselves again (Do we ever measure up??).

Technology makes life easy, but also stresses us out. Our brains can hardly differentiate between a sabre tooth tiger and a deadline, whilst our posture sinks into repetitive shapes that mimic a defensive hunch.

Have you forgotten your slink? The divine hustle of your hips? No longer do your bare feet regularly sink into the earth but shield them from street muck in ‘foot condoms’ (such a ridiculous term, so evocative!)

But it is all there inside you. Your slink, your shimmy, the next big story, the greatest idea yet – it just needs greasing, oiling and setting free.

Creative Rest is designed to get you back in touch with all of this – consider it a couch to 5k for your inner potential. Putting you back in your body, with a greater understanding of it’s magic and ways, unleashing your creativity whilst reinstating your physical slink.

You deserve the pleasure of feeling good inhabiting your body, of opening up to your creative power and reawakening your curiosity and inspiration. You deserve to be at your creative best in a way that feels sustainable, restorative and restful. It is your right to put the fun and joy back in your tank.

Come and get some Creative Rest.

This 12 week programme starts on Wednesday the 8th of April 2020. Click here to sign up and receive a free bonus day of in person learning if you sign up by the 11th of March 2020.