I’ve been thinking about where we are now, this shifting semblance of normal. I realised that as my kid becomes more okay with the weirdness I can segue away from being a 24/7 pillar of security and snacks and put my focus back on work a little more (don’t get me wrong, the Bear is a total snack machine, and has a remarkable ability to detect when I am in my most concentrated creative state and shout “Muuuuuummmm! Come and wipe my BUM!!”).


So I created a thing. 

Primarily it stemmed from thinking about how our economy is shifting, how virtual workplaces are evolving, and how we are juggling childcare whilst we work. I sense from conversations I’m having that for many, the questions of ‘What now?’, ‘What next?’ and ‘How can I make change?’ are cropping up.

For some people the answers required are around getting shit done in this constant state of shift, and for others it’s around making changes now that will enrich their lives going forward. Either way, for change to occur and for us to feel good about what we do, we need to drop the gunk that no longer serves us.


My new workbook ‘Degunked & Aligned’ is for you if you have questions around: 

  • doing more of what you love and less of what feels toxic; 

  • creating projects and future income in a way that feels light, fun and less of a grind; 

  • and creating easy actionable steps and a weekly plan that shift you away from overwhelm and into a place of capable calm. 

Wanna get a little less gunked up and a lot more focused and the things you love to do?

Because you really are too freaking magical to be sat on your jacksy waiting for life to happen.