Looking for more ideas? Here’s my best of the rest, number 8 through to 20.

8. Hot bath – It’s nice to soak, but you can create a spacious mind haven too – pretend you’re enjoying hot water beach on the Coromandel in New Zealand. Or imagine  a bath at an ancient onsen in Japan.  Open the window to let in the fresh air and lay back for a hot soak. Add epsom salts or herbs from the garden such as rosemary. Enhance a night time wallow by turning off lights and adding candles. Turn off or silence tech and focus on watching the steam rise.

9.  Give Yourself a Foot massage – focus on rubbing your big toes to give your neck an acupressure treatment. Even better add a tennis ball into the mix too. Check out this video of mine

10.  Consider the ball of your big toe when you walk, allow it to fully connect to the floor and push through it with each step to heighten. A slowed down mindful walking pace can create a real difference in how you experience your body.

11.  Tennis ball home treatment – If you haven’t got a foam roller, you can use a tennis ball to help soften up different muscles. Try some of the self treatment videos from my old clinic YouTube page

12.  Quick Cardio – check out Joe Wickes for a morning workout on his YouTube channel or find a pt you enjoy. Or if you’re getting kids moving, Jump Start Johnny is a go to.

13.  Yoga & Pilates – see if your favourite local instructors are continuing to run classes via the wonder of zoom.

14.  Develop a daily Meditation practice – download the insight timer app for loads of free meditations. There’s loads of variety on the insight timer so you can choose meditations that help you feel grounded and calm.

15.  Think about movement in terms of play rather than work. Try skipping, ball throwing, balancing. How can you turn household things into an obstacle course? Or go for Pavement Hopscotch. Piece of chalk, a couple of stones and your inner child are all you need for this game. (One of my favourite unexpected bonuses is seeing others have a casual hop and a scotch down it when they think no-one is looking)

16.  Boost your immune system with dry brushing. There are loads of great videos out there to help you promote lymphatic flow.

17.  Read a book – pick a novel that you can melt into, or download an audible read by a soothing voice. Immerse yourself in another world.

18.  Home Spa. Use the contents of your cupboards to mix up spa treatments. A desert spoon of ground almonds and a teaspoon of milk makes a great face/body scrub. Add a little honey and you have a moisturising face mask – 5 to 10 minutes of this will leave you soft and smoother (obviously don’t try this if you have a nut or lactose allergy – I know you don’t need me to say this really…). A couple of bits of sliced cucumber work great for eye puffiness too.

19.  Help kids burn off energy with Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube and join in too. Brilliant stories acted out with yoga asanas. Heaps of fun.

20.  Watch a funny film – we all need a good laugh to raise spirits and it’s a great pep for mental health and immunity. Read this article to learn more

There are so many ways you can create space for yourself, both physically and mentally. These are just a few ideas, I’d love to hear your favourites too.

Let me know, and keep in touch at carrie@carrieekins.co.uk