I get so distracted…

Yes we all do. Now, on with it Carrie, what were you trying to tell us?

Ah yes, so, I made a discovery. A discovery which makes a lot of sense but I just hadn’t felt it yet. Stay with me people…
I am super kinesthetic. This means that I like to touch, feel and move as I learn. I take in a lot of the information floating around me through proprioception and my sensory system – for other people they like to listen to a class, or watch a demonstration. For me I experience things best when I can get my hands on it. This is one of the reasons I’m awesome at working on a body – my brain can process the information really well and send me back a really clear picture of whats going on.

My approach to mentoring is very kinesthetic too. I like to get you into your body. See if you can feel what’s going on inside – where are your feet, how much can you move your spine, how does it feel in your body when you are happy, sad, or processing new things for example. The fact that there is a chemical trace of past experiences and traumas in the cells of your body fascinates me. The fact that how you feel and think affects the suppleness of your body and your perception of pain is amazing.

So here’s the thing. When we are Creative and we use our unique creative gifts to create our life, work and income – we are taught, as a business strategy, that it’s a good idea to sit down and plan it out. You get a notepad, find a quiet place and strategise how you would like to shape your world over the next six months, or year or whatever. I do that. I do it often.

But why am I doing it often? Mostly because I can’t stick to the plan. Because the plan lives on a piece of paper. It can’t be felt within me. I get a flicker of it. I think I’m doing the right thing. But, hmmm….do you know what I mean. Have you spent hours working out what would work, how it should flow, what needs to happen next in the grand scheme of things and then…meh…did nothing about it. And yet, when you have your hands on your work, when you’re creating, it feels so effort less and easy.

This morning I did it differently. As usual, I sat down at my desk, crossed my legs into a pretzel and I wrote out a list of questions to answer. The questions designed to bring me clarity about where I am in my work now, and truly where would I like to be. Then I put music on and stood up.

The funny thing is I couldn’t feel the music at first. I was trying so hard to be with the questions. Notice, TRYING not FEELING – it’s an important distinction. I was recording it so I could be in the moment and go back for the answers afterwards, rather than trying to hold all the pieces in my brain at once. I felt watched. And because I felt watched I opened up the capacity for judgement in my heart. GAHHHHHH!!! So I took a moment and breathed deeply. I reminded myself that I was doing this for me, this was the moment to drop the shield and be present. I breathed.

What happened next was so interesting. My body started to move differently. It came from a different place. No longer bobbing my head and trying to get my feet to match up, the dance came from a rootier place. Using one of my favourite visualisations I brought the breath in through the top of my head, opened my throat, brought it to my belly, my root, down my legs and through my feet to ground me deeply with strong roots. Whoah Mama!! This felt different. Connected. Grounded. Sensual. The dance come up from the power of my sex and down trembling legs to the ground. My voice came from the core of me, not in my head and the answers that came up felt more truthful. I could feel the knowing in them. Unwittingly I had tapped into a truth I did not know existed and yet I was sure had been there the whole time. These were not the answers I would have received had I merely put pen to paper.

I urge you to try it for yourself. If the time has come to plan your next project, 6 month window or evolution in your life. If you have resonated with the words above, it may well be that there is a strong kinesthetic element in you. So put down the pen and paper, step away from the laptop and let yourself move. There may be a radical moment of opening, where the pleasure rises up and the answers come on through.

When ‘touchy feely’ people start to work from their ‘touchy feely’ superpower it can be a game changer. We open up a fresh perspective on the world and an aligned way to tap into our potential. For many of us our potential can be illusive, we know that there is a huge reserve of it, waiting for us to dive in. Often times we just need alternative guidance and a different starting point. If you’d like to know more about the clarity questions I used or the technique itself, please get in touch at carrie@wearetreatmentunicorns.com.

Big love,