A couple of days ago, I was saw an Instagram post by Leonie Dawson talking about her birthday (you can find out more about Leonie here). She had decided to spend a few hours of her birthday in the library (can’t fault her) and the post included a series of photos.

The last photo was of a handout she had found in a book, a mystery one – well not a mystery to Leonie, or the author, but I haven’t a clue what it was. 

ANYHOO, the shot was of a handout, the purpose of which was to document what prosperity looks and feels like to you.


Well, this obviously sent a cog turning. I took the dog for a walk and it kept popping up in my mind. When do I feel prosperous? Like super abundant, as though life is going well? What has to occur for me to feel that I have a wealth in my bank account? That my cup is fuller than full and spilling over the brim?

It’s a nice little exercise huh? As I walked I conjured up images of houses with verandas, and big gardens full of flowers, veggies and a skatebowl. Around here, prosperity feels like “chickens and a bowl” – that’s our code for living the good life.

So amused by the game, I quickly whacked together a worksheet, because I wanted to remind myself of how good good feels!

Don’t you think that’s a nice idea? To be able to look back and go “Ah, yep, tick! My fridge is full and my sleep is deep”? 

Loves, I’m sharing it with you. Click the big old pic and you can download your very own. 

 I would love to hear what makes you feel prosperous. Let me know!

Big love.

Carrie Chickens and a Bowl x