If I could draw you a map to the path of your entrepreneurial success it would be wonderful if it was as simple as “Have great idea, implement marketing plan, build awesome website, attract loads of visibility, do awesome work, gain raving fans, keep doing awesome work, keep putting out great marketing, grow huge raving fan base, raise prices, watch business go stellar, retire happy”. You know, pretty much a straight line situation.

However, having owned my own therapy practice for over a decade, and having been focused on growth in happy harmony with awesome service and fantastic results, I’ve learnt a thing or two…

Unfortunately for many of us the entrepreneurial journey has many a twist and turn on the road to growth. These include: Why does everyone keep telling me to get a job and that being a sole trader is bonkers; I don’t want to be like everyone else and do a stead 9 to 5 existence but…nobody said it would be so hard; I’ve spent a fortune on facebook ads and had no interest; I don’t know if marketing works….

And then there are the real dark moments of the soul: What if I’m no good? How can I charge more, I’m not worth it; I feel so alone, no-one understands how anxious or sad I feel, I don’t think people will buy it; I don’t think I can do this… These ones go on and on, they are the founding members of the itty bitty shitty committee.

So here’s the rub. Business Growth relies on Personal Growth.

I’ll say that again.

If you don’t feel worthy of success, if you don’t truly love who you are, if you don’t truly feel clear about why you do what you do and why you love working with the people you work with, then business success will always be hard won.

There, said it.


Now, I’d take that a step further. Say you spent a lot of time of your personal growth, but there are still sticking points, still areas of your business that make you feel tired, helpless…even stressed to a degree that your body starts to ache and feel heavy. Over the past few years I’ve noticed that when body work is combined with personal growth work and business support, the speed at which you get results is quickened. It’s like the old fears and negative belief systems with good mentoring and fascia work are released more readily. Time and time again I’ve worked with creatives, soul led entrepreneurs and therapists and seen the transformation.

To support you in your creative, wellness driven life I have developed RestMent – that’s short for restorative mentoring. Not only do you receive dynamic mentoring to help you get really clear about what you are uniquely awesome at and who you truly love working with, you’ll get frequent modules and Q&A sessions that will help you see the magic in marketing.

But here’s the real magic. Every month you are guaranteed 90 minutes of body work. Yep a whole hour and a half of self care, posture maintenance, deep healing, connect tissue releasing myofascial release. Not heard of Myofascial Release? Well, check out my explanation here

Myofascial Release is super stealthy and when combined with muscle activation to help your brain and muscle resynchronise their pathways, you get real results. And considering that as a self employed person – YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS! which means you’ve got to take care of you, or there is nothing paying the bills.

If you’d like to find out more about RestMent check out www.wearetreatmentunicorns.com/restment

Or email me at hello@wearetreatmentunicorns.com and arrange a chat