I’d like to tell you a story, and I think it’s one that many of you will appreciate, because whilst it’s my story, it’s pretty universal.

It has inspired me to create my new course – If you know you’re keen already, skip straight to the bottom!

But as all the best stories start. Once upon a time…

A couple of years ago I felt a bit lost. Nothing terrible, just kind of muddy in my direction. A bit lost in my business,  a bit lost in my work. I just kind of, sort of knew which way I was wanting to head, but couldn’t get…There.

Know the feeling? It happens to most of us at some point. Often times you can thrash it out on a piece of paper. It’s easy enough to rationalise a path. You can follow the advice of others. Take what are recognised to be the obvious next steps.

However, sometimes, you just seem to be stuck somewhere before the ‘getting it done’ stage. I felt like that. I had a million ideas racing around my brain. It wasn’t as though I was uncreative. The big piece for me was that I didn’t know which bit to do first. What was the ‘right’ next step.

So I must have been chuntering on about this with my soul besties – I have a fantastic group of friends, we met through owning our own independent businesses and every month we meet up to talk about our progress, dream our dreams and nail down our strategy. These ladies are Goooood! But it wasn’t working. I felt like the answers had to come from in myself.

That was the point when JKC asked “What would Badass Future Carrie do?”

A revelation! What would I do? If I could stay in faith that a part of my intuitively knew what my next step would be, what would I do? What would I create?



I took this idea and played with it. Allowing myself to sink into a meditative state, I went off looking for Badass Future Carrie. It turns out, she was surprisingly easy to find. I asked her my question and was surprised to find how easy it was to ‘listen’ to her answer. It was amazing to experience this ‘other’ part of me. To hear advice that I may have discounted had it come from another mouth, because this time, I could feel in my body the resonance it created. I could feel that it felt like the ‘right’ advice.

It became a go to. Visiting with Badass Future Carrie felt great, but often times I would fall asleep, or schlep around in my meditation forgetting half of the information imparted to me.

It was time to tighten up the process!

I had long been a fan of journaling. Allowing myself to go deeper into the words, asking why, asking for greater clarity, giving myself permission to bust through the crap I told myself and the stories that I was using to hold myself back – thinking that they were keeping me safe. So I started to use this technique in tandem.

These became Letters From My Badass Future Self. And I’d like to teach you how to write these letters too!!

I love the insight it gives me. I love the fact that it can highlight an idea that I had previously discarded and give it a new spin. Because here’s the cool thing: both meditation and journaling (especially when written by hand) light up more parts of your brain than just thinking about a problem or typing out an action plan. Your brain lights up with these skills, you use more out of the box thinking – you get more creative with your possibilities AND you get to connect it all with how you feel.

You know when something feels right, it’s your heart and gut thinking. The more you exercise this muscle – call it Intuition, call it knowing, call it creativity, I don’t mind, but the more you use it, the more you trust it.

When you trust yourself, it stops you from overthinking (therefore talking yourself out of a thing!) and it means you need not look outside of yourself for the answers – which is the fast track to comparing yourself to others and a whole abyss of “I’m not good enough” opening up.

I can show you how to trust yourself through Letters From Your Badass Future Self.

In this course I’m going to teach you the process that I use. There will be guided meditations to help you write to write to Your Badass Future Self. I’ll give you letter prompts and talk you through how to do it. This is going to be super fun, super life changing and you’ll be able to use this skill for the rest of your life!!

We get started on Wednesday the 13th of November with a live class on Thursday the 14th at 2pm GMT.

Sign up here. There’s an early bird investment available until the 1st of November 2019. www.wearetreatmentunicorns.com/letters-from-your-badass-future-self

I’m so excited to share this with you!!

Big Love,

Carrie x