Getting the balance between creating work and putting it out into the world can be tricky. We spend a lot of time being busy, but how much are we actually getting done?

There is a ratio that is super important for you to learn. Wait, no, don’t go….it’s not about maths. It’s about getting shit done. Oh yeah, and it’s more than that, it’s about getting the right shit done and it’s about getting paid. Got your attention now? good.

So there are several permutations of the 80/20 ratio and all of them are important to bear in mind when you are doing your own sweet thing – whether that’s your solopreneur business or your passion project.

1) Of all the things you do in your life and business you absolutely rock at 20 percent of them – this is your ‘zone of genius’ to quote Gay Hendricks, indeed this is your Unique Awesomeness (to quote ahem…myself) The other 80 percent…meh…you’re good at, actually for a fair proportion of it you absolutely stink, but we’ll come back to that on another blog post.

2) As an entrepreneur, you loooooove new projects. Dude, don’t argue with me, you know you have total shiny object syndrome (most of us do!). In your head you’re like- ¬†OOOOh look at the new thing, OOOOOh I’ve had such a great idea, OOOOOh let me just go play with this new project over here. What does that mean?? Well, in ratio terms, you’re probably operating on an 80/20 again. You get 80% of the project done with full enthusiasm before you….

… get bored and go elsewhere.

See what I did there! but seriously, how many tasks, projects, money generating activities or creative masterpieces have you started and not finished? Blog posts, following up on warm leads, finishing that piece of art, editing your book, finishing the play, hosting the workshop, run the course…need I go on? It’s okay though, we are all pretty much wired the same – that’s what makes us the creative heart led wonders that we are.

But here’s the thing if it’s a 80/20 and you’ve already done the huge work of the beginning and the middle, it won’t really take so much effort to finish it – and if you really don’t think you CAN finish it then ask yourself these questions 1) have I fallen totally out of love with it? 2) Does it no longer represent how I feel? 3) Can I delegate the shit of this task and have someone (working from their zone of genius) complete it on my behalf?

Then get on and do it. Here’s a cool way of looking at it, as Elizabeth Gilbert does in her brilliant book ‘Big Magic’ ideas, ideas and inspiration are like entities in their own right, and if you’re working with it then you have to be prepared for your idea to waltz off elsewhere.

3) It is said that often, when you look at your client base 20 percent of those clients are responsible for bringing in 80 percent of your income.

Think about your own clients for a moment. When I first heard this it made me stop and consider my own current client base, and it was about right. Of all the clients on my list, I only worked at that point with about 20 percent of them, and of those, again about 20 percent were my absolute bedrock of income and brought in far, far more than the other 80 percent of current clients.

4) Even if the rations are a bit out, think about it… of the 80/20 split which ones are your Unicorn clients? Your favourites? Your ideals? Huh huh? They form that magical 20 percent again. So start thinking about that top 20. What makes them a joy to work with? Where did they come from? How did you work best together?

I would love to bring all this together for you because it is a doozy, Remember we mentioned at the top the Zone of Genius? This my friend, is where you create your magic. In terms of your business, this is where you are relatable to your Unicorn Clients, this is where you get to enjoy your work most and this is where you will bring in the most of your income (like 80% of your income if you harness your powers) The more time you spend doing what you are awesome at the better.

However, as I know you don’t need me to point out (or maybe you do) If you are not getting work out there, if you’re only getting it 80 percent finished and then sitting on it…for like foreverrrrr, then you are NOT MAKING MONEY ON IT and even more importantly YOU ARE NOT GETTING THE SATISFACTION AND JOY OUT OF IT.

Now, I’m sorry for shouting in those caps locks there. But it’s true dammit. Let’s cut the starving artist line out. Creating your magic only pays for itself when the creations are let out into the world. Hiding your talent, your light and your completing 20% does not lay the foundations of a happy, joyous, magical life. Neither does it pay your bills, nor buy the materials you need to keep creating, nor does it keep you feeling safe and inspired.

Where the magic happens…well some of it!

If you don’t get shit done (implemented) then it’s not worth nowt.

If you don’t get shit done, life gets a heck of a lot less magical.

So how do you get shit done?

I find that being accountable to someone has really helped me. Whether that’s a coach, or a friend –¬† specifically a friend that’s going to ask ‘Why didn’t you do what you said you would do’. A kind of loving but bossy friend! In fact Implementation sessions are a key to creating your magical life. Ah ha ha! I know how could I make something so geeky sound so cool!?!

It’s your privilege and honour to mark out time to do the 20% work. It’s a mark of love and respect for yourself and your creation. If you took the time to dream the ‘thing’ up, to plan it out and breathe the first breaths of life into it, then you deserve the opportunity to see it through. To the end.

With this in mind why don’t we do it together? You and me and anyone else that could do with warm, loving, support.

In a group, there is commitment, energy, inspiration, enthusiasm. You’ll feel like you’re wiggling out of it if you spend the time scrubbing the loo, when you know we’re working, working, so come hang with us. We can be like a gang, a cool gang, where we get shit done and everyone is really psyched for each other. We can have a cool name, and a secret hand shake, and t shirts with our logo on it! Or maybe we’ll start with the name…yeah! Let’s call ourselves The 20% club – because baby, it’s all about the 20%.

Today’s a good day to start right? 1pm? Let’s do this on zoom. Bring your project or whatever it is you’ve been working on and let’s get it done. Across the board a concentration span is about 45 minutes, so we’ll do two 45 minute sprints with a 5 minute grab a drink/go pee/ wiggle around and stretch break in the middle. Cool! Awesome! let’s do this!