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Journaling is a brilliant tool for tapping into all the clutter and crap that you didn’t even realise was clogging up your brain and sludging up your ability to make changes and take action.

Because once you lay it all out on the page, in black and white, you can get a feel for what you are really saying about yourself, how that doesn’t fit with the future you are creating for yourself and then ditch the drama that has been dragging you down for so, so long.

It’s not rocket science, growth doesn’t have to be! You might just need a few prompts. It’s a simple process, that just happens to be epically magic…everyday!.

Trust me, it’s surprisingly easy (only you are holding yourself back) and it’s FREE.

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Why should you be journaling? Well it’s one of the most supportive ways to grow, you may it all out on the page and that gives you the opportunity to face it, the good and the bad, the lies and the truth. All those stories you’ve been telling yourself for years “I’m not good enough”, “I’m a failure”, “No one likes me”, “No one trusts me”. All of that stuff, and yeah, that can feel scary at times, and it can make you want to run and hide, or at least throw your journal across the room in a huff and go make a cup of tea!

The key is to keep going, keep writing, even when it makes you feel cross, sad, bug eyed or hysterical…that, my friend is when you know you are getting to the good stuff!

Asking yourself ‘Why?’ and delving in deeper will reveal to you the truth (and lies) of what you’ve believed about yourself, sometimes for years. It gives you the opportunity to break the chains, to free yourself from the unreasonable expectations of others, and more commonly the expectations you built up around those expectations. When you delve willingly into the mire, magic happens and you will find diamonds hiding in the poop!

Use your writing to celebrate You too, congratulate yourself on your battles hard won, and give yourself compassion, there’s enough judgement out there in the world – it comes from fear and darkness. Through Journaling, you will find wonderful ways to love yourself unashamedly, for exercising the muscles of hope and belief, and seeing that there is magic in the everyday.

So start now.

Trust me, it’s surprisingly simple (only you are holding yourself back) and it’s FREE.

“The journaling prompts really made me think, made me uncomfortable (in a good way) and are still now getting me into the habit of setting intentions and choosing how my day goes, so that day by day I know I’m taking little steps towards bigger goals.

Thank you!”

Georgina Ramos

Movement Therapist, Move Free

Meet Carrie

I’m a geek with a passionate heart. I love to see those around me live the life that makes them happiest – that really fills up their cup.

I believe in ease and joy, the question I ask myself most? It’s “How can this be easy?”

For well over a decade I have been a massage therapist, specialising in myofascial release and muscle activation. This is my own personal happy place. I can see the glitches in your body, work with you to find the way to release the restrictions they cause and help your brain and your body to fall back in love again.

There’s a quote from Ken Robinson, which I resonate with completely “Creativity when unexpressed becomes malignant”. How true of creative beings is that?!?! When we stunt, hold back or smother the very thing in us which makes us truly us, then it’s like a little death inside us.