Hi! I’m Carrie

And I think you're amazing! (Even if you may have forgotten you are.)

The thing is, that often times, we are so absorbed in what we are doing, and the whole thing of running a business too, that we forget just how awesome we are. We actually take it for granted!

So, not only am I here to remind you why you, yes YOU are so damn amazing but as as double doozy, I am also here to reveal to you the wonders of the body as told by the fascial system (just for starters, did you know that you can change tight hips and legs by working on the jaw??? HOW COOL IS THAT!!!)


If you’d like to put the lift and soar back into your body so you feel more connected, grounded, creative and sure of yourself, we will totally cover that! But there’s so much more than that…

I love being a massage therapist, as much as I love mentoring and cheerleading on brilliant Independent Business owning women just like you!

It’s my happy place, I seriously believe that I have the greatest job in the world.

I mean, aren’t I lucky?? I get to stretch the boundaries of what my clients think is possible in their worlds: Could they be anymore relaxed, well yes actually they can be! Could they regain their life and movement, to be pain free and happier? Of course! Could creatively embellishing the details that they sketch the outline of their dreams with be a more fulfilling experience for you? Yep sure thing, leave it us and we’ll serve it up with side helpings of contentment and well being!

All this and more…promise.

Excited?!?! Let's talk!

More about Me

When I was a girl, I was not your run of the mill, A grade student. I admit it, I was always a little kookier than the others, and I tried hard to conform, to work hard and be the good girl. But there were always crystals and holistics and a certain feeling that things didn’t have to be so normal, dutiful and mundane buzzing around in the back of my head.

As for many of us therapists and healer types, deep in my heart I knew what my calling was, but it was fuzzy in form, so university beckoned and a respectable 2:1 in Bsc (hons) Psychology was the prize. However, this wasn’t the real study of people that I yearned for, Psychology was all words and rhetoric – only leading to a corporate career and a management fast track. So I ran away to learn about the world. My mother always knew I would…

My first day in massage school was a blissful dream and sparked my fire. More than a decade on, the infinite, delicate, complicated business of treating fellow human beings soulfully, purposefully and effectively still makes me sing on the inside. I admit it….I’m a geek!

It was with sheer delight and enthusiasm that I discovered my gift of inspiring fellow therapists (that’s not a brag – I’m just a natural born cheerleader of therapists and creatives!) I love reconnecting them to the wonder and joy of working with hands and energy for the greater good of others. Although I could be described as playful, I am also diligent and dedicated. I wholly and earnestly believe that within each of us that works with flesh, energy and light we have a purpose and alignment with our clients that is soul led.

Wanna come play?

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