How are you my love?

In this brave new world of isolating, cocooning, distancing and working from home, there’s a whole world of ‘new’ to get our heads around huh?!?

I’ve been watching my 6 year old as she tries to wrap her head around it all – there’s certainly a fair few more monsters lurking under the bed, a bit more clinginess, a quickness to tears at times and the inevitable outbursts of frustration and annoyance…and that’s just me…ha! 

But seriously…


Around these parts, we’ve started to refer to home learning as Odd School. To ‘home school’,  in my mind, implies some form of choice…like a liberal lifestyle decision. Not many of us would choose to stay home with their boisterous bundles and take on the task of ‘not screwing them up educationally forever’ without there being a good reason, such as global pandemic. But it has it’s plus points… 

To begin with, my spawn was getting het because we weren’t following the school timetable, but at the same time she was finding solace in watching a screen and found ‘school’ tough because it was so out of context. One of the series on particularly heavy Netflix rotation was ‘Odd Squad’, a show about an agency of kids solving peculiar maths based mysteries.  For Lil it was a template of autonomy, things being beyond the normal but turning out okay and the joy of using fractions and doubling – all things she loves.

I latched on to the fact that to her,  Odd is good.   

(Also, I had to work out how to keep her better entertained after she gave herself a haircut. Seriously, it’s going to take a looooong time for that fringe to grow out…) 

So it became Odd School – because there’s nothing usual about this situation and yet it offers us ample opportunity for curiosity, and to do things differently. This means that sometimes we do regular lessons, and sometimes we go off piste: think Spy School with lots of code cracking, fingerprint taking, trail following and problem solving; then there was den building, skateboard swing creating, seed planting, and Witch Week (which culminated in me being turned into a Frog!). 

Why am I telling you this?

Well it’s a reminder, that play is not just important to kids but crucial for grown ups too. Some days it’s all so frustrating that you could howl (guess what, you can build that into a game too- the kids will never realise that it’s more for your benefit than theirs!).

But, I know if you’re reading this and you haven’t got a spare, rangy, batshit crazy 6 year old pinging around your house, you may well think that this doesn’t apply to you. Oh contraire mon amie! What do we call play? We call it creativity and exercise. 

What is creativity if not a form of play – allowing ourselves to both lose ourselves and find ourselves in the production of a craft. I have been super creative recently – it’s been a ‘need’ to make and do and have a ‘thing’ to show for my time and effort  (in my world this has resulted in a completed pizza oven and a recycled brick patio).

And it’s the same with exercise – it doesn’t take a huge shift in perception to turn physical exertion into a game – whether that’s challenging yourself to do more reps, changing up the difficulty or taking that pose/stretch/hillclimb to the next level.

Let me tell you, when we elevated Tag into Peg (now Peg with a home base) that blew our minds (i’m joking, also not joking – we really had to find a new game after Piggy in the Middle became full contact).

As always, it all depends on how you look at a thing.

That’s definitely my take away at this point in the lock down proceedings. Depending on how you look at a thing, you can turn it from sending you whackadoodle round the bend to opening up a beautiful new shiny crystal cave in your brain.

One of the things I do best, is help you to reframe a situation, whilst making it actionable and believable. You can shift from gunky to great amazingly quickly with the right guidance and the clarity to see how to make it work in your real life situation.  

Get degunked and grounded.

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