I’m Overwhelmed




Oh Overwhelm! Let’s not look it fully in the eye just yet, or it might make us weep, or panic, or sit doing nothing but eating chocolate biscuits. Instead, lets see how my friend Caroline is doing…


Caroline is in demand! YES!!


But, she is also overwhelmed. Anxious if she doesn’t have space to fit clients in – maybe she should add more days to her working week? But then, that’s time away from family and time for herself she’s giving up – and in honesty, there’s precious little of that anyways (also, the dog isn’t going to walk itself).


Apart from that, she doesn’t really like working with some of her clients. Don’t get her wrong, they’re nice people, but they want her to do treatments that she’s grown out of. It’s starting to feel a bit tedious…


She knows what she loves doing, if she could just do that, all day every day, she’d be a happy lass. But she doubts herself – maybe she’s not good enough…maybe what she wants to do is not what other people need or like.


After a long time in this industry she’d like to put her prices up too.¬† However, she’d worried about annoying her clients so she keeps the status quo. It’s also starting to grind on her mind as to¬†whether her body can hold out at the rate that she’s working. What would she do if she wears out her joints? How would she pay the bills?


This is all she’s ever wanted to do and she’s worked hard to build up her good reputation. Word of mouth has been good to her, but in honesty if she keeps going at this rate she’ll burn out.


So, there are no judgements here – the bit about boredom…does that ring even the teensiest bit true?


Would you love to specialise in the treatments and practices that you love most but are a bit scared about how this could take shape?


Do you sometimes feel like you doubt yourself? That there is more value in working more generally, even if you are possibly working too hard and for not enough?


Let’s chat and work out how to get you over the overwhelm.




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