Carrie is nothing short of a sorceress. I came to her with a host of muscular imbalances and pains on my journey to recover from CFS. Her techniques helped relieve my pain, and her education has made me feel empowered to support my body in its healing. What I wasn’t prepared for was the emotional and spiritual journey that Carrie has been instrumental in guiding me through. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have set up my own design business, had the courage to do things that scare me, and ultimately carve out a life I love. I’m privileged to call Carrie not only my MFR therapist, but my amazing friend too. Trust in her woo woo; you won’t regret it.’

Laura Evans

Visual Storyteller and Designer, Nifty Fox Creative

“I hadn’t realised that I was my biggest critic, telling myself ‘I’m not as good as everyone else’, ‘I’m a fraud’, ‘I shouldn’t be a therapist’, ‘ I’m not good enough’ although not constantly, but enough to make me believe it.
Journaling and watching Carrie’s videos showed me that I’ve always been an amazing therapist and I should embrace my uniqueness.
I have learnt to trust my inner intuitive voice, go with my feelings and with the flow of my treatment. I’m starting to attract the clients I want to work with and I don’t worry if I’m doing it right anymore, which gives me a wonderful feeling of freedom.
I’m still journaling and love it!”

Helen Wright

Myofascial & Massage Therapist

“The videos were great, showing how to find perfection in imperfection, how to get yourself out of a funk, and introducing ideas that I had never come across before, like the vortex, and the power of abracadabra 😊.

The journalling prompts really made me think, made me uncomfortable (in a good way) and are still now getting me into the habit of setting intentions and choosing how my day goes, so that day by day I know I’m taking little steps towards bigger goals.

Thank you!”

Georgina Ramos

Movement Therapist, Move Free

“I am definitely asking more ‘Whys’ and holding onto the idea that things should be/can be ‘easier’. Working more with that sense of ease and reminding myself that sometimes you have to hold out and be brave to create the environment that will make you thrive. I enjoyed the group interaction and the motivation it gave me after each session.  I loved the warm up music tracks to set the tone.”

Anita Gilbert

Voice Coach, SpeakEasy

“…We ended the call with Carrie saying she would set me some homework, she was not kidding.  I opened an email from her that blew me away (in a good scary way).

She made suggestions and encouraged me to do things that were way out of my comfort zone, but because she had gone to so much effort on my part I felt I owed it to her to give it a go.

I have not looked back since, it has given me more clarity about what I should be doing to grow my business and confidence to try things that I am not altogether comfortable with as I kinow Carrie is just a phone call away. …”

Gillian Santander Crow

Massage Therapist

“…You spoke from the heart obviously passionate about what you do and about therapists in general. The things you said about being clear about the types of clients we would like to work with and that certain clients would be aligned to work with us ,ade me think….

… Working with the right mentor can be a very encouraging, motivating and supportive experience. Working as we did on Tuesday with 2 of us felt good and flowed well. I used some of the techniques you gave us with my sister Tuesday evening, they definately enhanced the massage.  So clear information and techniques that can be used stright away. Hope we can work together again sometime”

Louise Grundy

Zero Balancing Practitioner

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