Imagine having your business information and support needs met whilst also having your physical shell nurtured.

Because, it’s almost guaranteed, that as an Indie Biz owners, we put EVERYBODY else and their needs ahead of our own.

I know, there’s an element to this which is what actually makes us brilliant at what we do, but hey…priorities…and you need this to STOP.

Restorative Mentoring is about putting the Treatment and the Unicorn together.


What does that look like??

Mentoring and support in a virtual face to face situation, in which you’ll receive and discover:

  • Two 60 minute Zoom conference calls with me in a private session every month.
  • Empathy and Support from someone who has ALWAYS been self employed – I know the rollercoaster it can be and I understand how giddy good it gets too!!
  • Specific to YOUR business implementation tasks.
  • Best practice advice and been there/ done that templates for marketing and systems.
  • Pointers about things you could be doing to fulfill the requirements of your clients better.
  • Your journaling cup will runneth over with the juiciest of prompts.
  • Weekly accountability – Tell me exactly what you’re going to be doing to move your business forward…and I’ll celebrate you doing it!!
  • Aaaaand, you also get the key to the door of my brain via WhatsApp (and I promise you, this is as rare as Unicorn poop – I do not give access to my WhatsApp easily)

But here’s the bit I really love.

Included is a 60 minute session with me, every month. Now, you may choose to chat, work through work related questions etc, or you can hit the couch and receive the best I can offer you: restorative Myofascial release techniques, muscle activation and what every other woo woo magic that shimmers our way.

This is so exciting! Why? Because this is where I truly shine – this is where I can guide you into the feeling of your body, combined with the visual and auditory elements of everything else I have taught you. It’s about absorbing the knowledge through your very own system of sensation.

You will discover how to trust your body, how to deepen your intutition, and how to care deeply for yourself. You’ll experience feeling the connections of your body powerfully and simply. It’s like going from a two dimensional anatomy drawing, to a 3d model, to a 4d knowing – and maybe even a 5th or 6th dimension healing! The coolest things happen on the couch. When you bring your thoughts and stuckness to the table, and allow it to connect verbally with the glitches of your body and the restrictions that are created by emotion and life events, then amazing shifts happen.

My knowledge is not taught at you, but transmitted to, into and through your fascial matrix. How do you apply what you’ve learnt most effectively? Because you felt it. How do you confidently bring the best for your clients? Because you have experiential empathy for them.

Best of all? it’s a monthly dose of career enhancing and sustaining self care. It’s booked in advance for every month you are a part of RestMent, you just have to get yourself to Sheffield!

Believe me – Self care is the secret sauce for being successful in business – it doesn’t matter how much you earn if you are physically broken.

Choose to have Restorative Mentoring for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or forever (well, maybe that’s a little infinite!), you’ll be making a massive step forward into owning your Unique Awesomeness.

Feels Good? Curious to know more?

If you’ve read this far, it’s because it resonates. You’re here because you want to experience the fullest of life and feel fully into the amazing potential and purpose within you. You are capable of incredible things, and are tired and frustrated of waiting for it to happen.

Before I accept you onto RestMent, I’d like to be as certain as possible that we are in alignment – this is for your highest good, because there is a fair chance, that some old beliefs will rise up and push your buttons. There needs to be mutual trust, so that we can enter into a deep communication allowing you to move forward and really step into your awesome potential.

Wanna come play? Then click the email link below and let’s talk.

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