I was writing about planning and future dreaming. Somehow, half way through I ended up with a ginormous list of all the things and tools I turn to in order to maintain this fine creative machine – Moi!

I realised that this was both too important and unwieldly to be shoehorned into a chat about planning. So here it is, in it’s very own post.

Taaa daaaah!

Carrie’s personal recipe for Self Care – use any or all of these and add your own to the list.

  • reading books
  • listening to podcasts
  • eating the frog (doing the hardest things first! The concept comes from this book – Eat That Frog)
  • going for walks in the sunshine (too often I sit at my desk and look at it all going on outside – and that my friend is a waste of time)
  • meeting with my monthly mastermind
  • getting massages
  • going to the spa
  • going swimming
  • drinking plenty of water (i’ve slacked on this at times and personally, it makes a big difference to me)
  • creating and making things
  • checking in with my accountability buddy every working day and letting her know what my plans are so she can keep me truly accountable.
  • having hot, frankincense fragrant baths in the middle of the day with the window open and candles lit.
  • laughing.
  • watching things that make my heart swell (Queer eye, Flirty Dancing, great films)

This is just a short list of things, they’re the ones that work for me. I’m sure you can add a multitude more.

Also, self care can be about things which can feel uncomfortable at the time:

  • taking care of your boundaries, for example, letting clients know that you respond to messages and emails between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Saying no thank you to extra responsibilities that don’t feel good to you.
  • Cancelling subscriptions to services that you don’t get value from – that might be a magazine or a gym membership. Anything you ought to do.
  • Not explaining yourself and the choices you make.
  • Making more than the minimum payments on your credit cards and feeling the relief of your debt reducing.
  • Learning to plan projects out so you’re not feeling overwhelmed and anxious when the deadline looms

It’s great to know what works for you, AND its even better to remember to do them – so write your self care menu out, stick it up on a wall and USE IT!!

Getting used to asking yourself what is the cause of your discomfort is a useful one too. If you are getting anxious or unhappy about a regular occurance/person/issue – ask yourself “What would be an easy first step for me to take away from this situation?”