Well, the Unicorn is less about Elves and fairy dust and more about “If you can be anything you want to be…be a freakin Unicorn”

It’s the notion that as therapists we work within the realms of the physical structure (logical and rational to a degree – we know our way around the skeleton) and energetic alchemy. It’s a bit like the principle of Gestalt – that the whole is great than the sum of the parts – there is an element of magic to what we do. But quite often we settle with mediocre clients and mediocre dreams.

What if your work and your life could be more magical?

My purpose is to support therapists that need to put the magic back into their hands, to reveal to them the wonders of the body as told by the fascial system (for instance, did you know you can affect tight hips by working on the jaw??? HOW COOL???). If you’re anything like me, you’d love to have spiritual support and personal growth woven in, whilst you get crystal clear about who YOU love to work on and with and reconnect to why you fell in love with being a therapist in the first place.

Oh, and I’ll help you get certain about what you are UNIQUELY AWESOME at too.

So, working with me, gives you mentoring for technique, knowledge and mindset.

I offer both One to One and group mentoring – wanna know more?