It’s true, I love a bit of personal growth work. I reckon that most of the growth in my business has been the result of growing myself first – it’s a true fact for most of us. After all, how are we going to be comfortable with putting ourselves ‘out there’ if we are not first comfortable ‘in here’?

One of the Mentors I look up to is Denise Duffield Thomas. You should check her out – but in a minute, read this first! A recent newsletter of hers pointed me in the direct of a very old DDT post from 2011 in which she talked about all the things she would like to manifest into her life.

Manifest verb to show something clearly, through signs or actions (Cambridge Dictionary)

To manifest in this regard is to bring it into your life through clear focus and attention (you may also have to do some hard work – not everything is dropped into your lap with a sprinkle of fairy dust, mores the pity)

Her list got me thinking, it’s been a while since I had a good, deep think about the kind of things I’d like to BE, DO and HAVE in my life. This is a very specific word order to – Who would I like to BE, in order to DO the things that light me up, so that I shall HAVE the things I truly desire. Note it’s very different from when I HAVE the things I want and DO the things I want then I shall BE the person I want to be.



So, I set about shaping my list, using the same headings as DDT. Would you like to see it? Uh huh? Here it is, my loves!


  • Have a £100k business full of fun and joy and low overheads (pragmatic!)
  • body work on someone famous
  • have a best selling book
  • hold an event at Manchester Hall
  • write 3+ books and 3+ecourses
  • speak to a room of +200 people
  • be a CMShf speaker
  • host a Kollider Workshop
  • workshop at AltSummit
  • host sell out, fun, transformative events


  • have another dog
  • have a canoe and use it often
  • drive a Karmen Ghia or a 60’s Beetle
  • have an amazing camper van
  • live in a beautiful house that opens onto big garden with chickens, skate bowl and my own garden studio
  • eat out own home grown veg and fruit (enlist help of gardener!)
  • adopt a donkey
  • have a tortoise


  • visit Hawaii and Polynesia, calling in on West Coast USA on the way
  • Bali and Indonesia islands
  • Italy, France, Spain, Croatia, Montenegro for a summer in a camper van
  • learn to SUP somewhere warm
  • Florida Disney trip
  • Swim up everything in Mexico and see the old shit
  • Costa Rica and Gutamala
  • swim with dolphins and whales off Tennerife


  • take the Spiral training
  • Mindvally Uni
  • work w Georgina Noel
  • book reading and learning day every week
  • more MFR seminars
  • buy books every month


  • Go to more workshops/ events
  • More cooking for friends at home
  • learn trapeze and acro yoga
  • regular dancing, animal flow and yoga
  • take L on shopping trip
  • monthly facial and twice monthly massage
  • go SUPing
  • cook pizza in our garden often


  • Stay married to Matt (he’s so awesome)
  • visit Dad more often, have him closer
  • have more family meals
  • do a crazy abundant Christmas
  • really truly celebrate people on their birthdays
  • send more cards and gifts
  • take whole family on all paid for holiday
  • have more spare rooms and host more


  • donate 10% earnings to great local causes
  • donate to food banks and ensure good supply of womens sanitary products
  • recycle more and make more plastic free choices
  • support more local businesses especially local organic growers
  • voluntary work
  • be more consistently involved in pressure against climate change.
  • grow the Greystones Eco Buyers Club to something that truly benefits the local community

And I’m just pointing out here, this is my actual list, I haven’t hidden anything away, so yes, some of these things may seem wildly out there…but here’s the magic, I am allowing myself to dream, to create possibilities within myself, to stretch my boundaries of what feels comfortable to receive. Your list will probably be very different to mine, and that’s totally cool. What I would ask is this, allow yourself to dream big, not judge and breathe in all the possibilities.

Now it’s your turn. Using the same groupings – what are the awesome things you’d like to bring into your life?