I’m Struggling


Once again, when business is in your face and making you feel a bit hot and uncomfortable, sometimes it’s easier to read about someone else’s life. Let’s look at my friend Hannah, and see if you recognise any of her feelings.

Hannah is struggling, she’s been a therapist for a good few years now. Her clients tell her she’s great and she gets plenty of return custom. But every month, she gets a little concerned about how she’s going to pay the rent on her treatment space.

Surely by now there should be more money in the pot?

The thought keepsĀ  trotting through her head, that maybe she should retrain? Or take more courses, or different courses. Perhaps, she thinks darkly to herself, she should pack it all in and get a ‘proper job’. But who would employ her after all these years as a self employed therapist? And why would she even want a proper job???

Hannah still loves doing what she does but it’s hard work, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. In fact it’s knocking the fun out of it all.

Having read about Hannah, do you feel the same?

Still wondering if you should take more training?

Wondering how to hold on to the clients you have whilst finding more clients, all without knackering your wrists and thumbs?

If you recognise that you have expectations of dry spells and quiet months, maybe this is the time to break the cycle?



Together we can work out a great plan for you, and I can support and guide you to through the stages.


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