I’m Stuck

Sometimes it’s all so overwhelming that thinking about yourself as you stand in your business is just a bit too much. Instead let me introduce you to my friend Jill, and we’ll see if you resonate with her, cool?

So Jill, Jill is stuck.

She knew as soon as she started her training that ‘this’ is what she is meant to be doing with her life. Whilst she was training she was in BLISS, and could see in her minds eye a flourishing career as a therapist, making a difference to peoples wellbeing every single day.

And then she graduated…

With certificates in hand, she headed out into the world. Now, she can’t seem to make the jump. She knows it would be silly to leave the day job, but that WAS the dream…and as the months move on, how does she get started?

There seems to be so many ‘things’ about being a therapist that were missing from her training and education. She knows she is not alone, many of her friends she trained with are in the same position. So many therapists, so little work…

More than anything Jill wants to get unstuck.

She needs a sounding board to help her decide if working for someone else is the right move.

She’s confused as to where to get clients from, and who her clients are.

And how to ‘compete’ with so many other therapists.

Jill is also aware that there are gaps in her knowledge and that it would be awesome to enhance her treatment skills and take them to a deeper level.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Would you like help getting unstuck?

Let’s chat and see if we can get things moving right now.

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