This is the most significant tree in the forest where I like to walk. I consider it bad manners not to walk past her once a week. And yes, in my mind it is a ‘her’. She is a she because she is a Beech tree, and traditionally the Beech holds the mother energy. Mother Beech and Father Oak.

But why is this tree of such significance in a woodland populated with a thousand Beeches, Oaks, Sweet Chestnuts, Alders, Pines and more?

A good few years ago, I was lucky enough to be taught how to journey by an amazing healer, by the name of Sensei Victoria Whitfield. Journeying is usually a Shamanic practice that allows you to access the knowledge and wisdom of your ancestors and the Universe. It was a very cool thing. On my first journey I went looking for my portal – the place in my meditation that would act as a gateway to either the Upper World or Lower World. In my vision, I saw this tree, set in a circle with others. It felt familiar, in fact very familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on why.

Later on in the week I was walking through my favourite woodland, taking a loop around the bird sanctuary. I had crested the hill, and stopped to look out across the tree tops of the wood as it spread out below. In the distance lay the Peak district and although nothing was particularly different about the day, I remember it feeling potent.

So down the woodland trail I trundled. The trees are always magical, and I love the way that the dense Sweet Chestnut trees that populate the hill top give way to Beech and Oak trees. As I walked through this section, looking out for herons further ahead in the pine copse, I had that same familiar feeling. Slowing my pace, it dawned on me that these were the same trees in my meditation. I came to rest on a bench and as there before me was ‘My Tree’, complete with a rooty hollow that became my journey doorway.

Walking over to this Beech, ‘My’ Beech, it was obvious that it was in a circle. Roughly there was a pattern of beech tree, oak tree, beech tree, oak tree and so on around. Just as in my meditation.

Somehow, this circle of trees had been flicking switches in my subconscious. In all the times I had walked past they must have been lodging a tickle of knowing. Whether the Universe sent them…I wouldn’t know… I’m not even saying that they are a gift from my ancestors. What I do know for sure, is that there stir within me a feeling of safety, wonder, and curiosity.

These trees and this one beech in particular, are still my gateway to meditation. And it’s through the roots and stones beneath that I travel when I go to visit my Badass Future Self. It’s certainly true that over time, this woodland has become my go to place to blow away the cobwebs and decompress my brain. I still get a deep sense of satisfaction when I look out across the trees from the hill crest. A deep sense of awe when the herons are nest building and circling like Pterodactyls.

My intuition has deepened, I trust it more strongly. I think that a gut instinct and a feeling that things are right are super important in business – we can over think our way out of anything, both into and out of bad decisions. But, in my experience, if we choose to do other than follow the compelling signals of our sixth sense, we more likely than not have to course correct at a later time.

It’s my hope that I bring you all of this in Letters From Your Badass Future Self. You can read about it here. But in short, its my intention to bring you a process that will up level your confidence and teach you how to trust yourself better.

There’s just two days left to secure your early bird spot – but plenty of time to make a decision as Letters From Your Badass Future Self goes live on the 16th of November 2019.

If you’d like to grow your intuition and grow the possibilities in your life, I hope you’ll say Yes and join us.

Big love,

Carrie x