Hola! it’s Carrie here! Would you like to partake in some joyful nuggets of wisdom? You would? Awesome! It just so happens that I have five little videos for you. One a day this week. Each one will take you a step closer on your discovery to your Unique Awesomeness.

Unique Awesomeness?? What’s that? I hear you ask. Well, it’s you. The true you, where you revel in your great potential and take sashaying strides towards what you really want in your life: less stress; more good times; connection to your inner wisdom; a celebration of your genius and how to love your life more, more, more!!

I’ll take your hand and guide you through, nothing to fear here and there’ll be a cheeky little action to take at the end of each day.

The great news is, it’s day one, so let’s get started. And where do we start…

It all starts with the breath.

Like d’urrrr….of course it does, you’ve got to be breathing to keep believing huh!?! Blimey, sorry I don’t even know where that came from! Right, but still, silliness aside, have you thought about your breath today? Is it something you ever think about? Or will you take it for granted until you run out (and then hey! you may not have to think about it for too long..) But seriously…

Most of us live in a modern world full of stimuli and excitement. Some would say that our culture has evolved more rapidly than our physiology and that the ancient part of our brain is still to learning how to reconcile all this busy busy.

As far as our limbic system is concerned, that email is a sabre tooth tiger, that traffic jam – sabre tooth tiger. The bills, bills bills…a whole pride of sabre tooth tigers. Man, there is so much going on in the world. We have so much to juggle. Our brains are constantly trying to ascertain whether or not we’re under stress. It’s exhausting. Let’s not mention tv, advertising, social media, cultural expectations….

Alright, now hopefully that hasn’t stressed you out too much? There’s a super simple step you can take to guide you through this cornucopia of modern excitement. Your breath.

There are many, many schools of breathing (I know! Right?) but we’re going to keep it simple today…watch the video to see how you can bring restful breath into your body and develop a life time habit that will: improve your sleep, digestion, focus, reaction speed and generally have you feeling far more shanti shanti about it all.

To watch the first Unicorn You video in the series, click the image below or here

Your action for this today is to practice ten minutes of diaphragm breathing. Keep mindful that your ribs are to stay still, and the breath is to fill your belly. Imagine if you will that you are one of those well proportioned Chinese Buddha’s and as you breath in you are expanding in three dimensions. See if you can hold the breath at the top of the inhale and the end of the exhale for a count of two.

Don’t forget, you can activate the circuit breaker between brain and diaphragm muscle by rubbing your sternum – the boney bit between your ribs, and can rooster boost your ability to breath into your diaphragm by placing a finger on a spot one inch back from your hairline on the top of your head.


On tomorrow’s video we’ll be looking at how feeling good helps you work with ease and get the best out of your day.

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