So far in Unicorn You week we’ve discovered:

– why the breath is so important for overcoming the overwhelm of emails masquerading as tigers and;

– we’ve met the truth of the fact that not only do we create and work with more ease and success when we’re feeling good but we can use our own unique recipe of high vibration activities to make sure we’re in that sweet place more often.

Today we’re looking at You. Yes, you right there. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You are Uniquely Awesome.

There’s no one who can do the things you do in the way you do it. And before you reach for your usual excuses that down play your brilliance (Who me? No, I’m not special at all, anyone can do what I do – that kind of shit) Well, fact of the matter is that, in the words of Oscar Wilde “Be yourself, everyone is taken” and I promise you, out there in the world there are many people who see your wisdom, skill and wonderful qualities. Even when you don’t see them yourself.

Here’s the deal. Increasingly we are being sold the myth that ‘everyone is better than me’. Social media pedals perfect lives lived by perfect rich gorgeous people. It’s crap. And it’s a hard act to live up to. But we seem to think we have to. And then we get so overwhelmed by the prospect that if we ‘fail’ we’ll end up on some mean reel of fails (and that includes the one that we play inside our own head) that we choose not to take the risk and try. Because why try, someone else has probably already done the thing you want to do, and they’ve probably done it ten times better already.

Well. Actually. No.

Ever been to see a film that looked great on the trailer? It looked completely gripping, with loads of action, massive explosions and all the good stuff. But then it turns out to be dull, with no plot and stilted acting. Turns out that there was only a minute of quality entertainment in the whole thing, and they’d shoehorned all of it into the trailer.

That my friends is the internet. A show reel of jaw dropping good stuff that neglects to mention all the real life mundanity that also happens.

Trust me, Kim Kardashian, at some point in her life,  has probably come home from a hard day to find that her pet dog has chewed her favourite shoes and vommed it up on the sofa. Cate Blanchet will definitely have woken up looking grumpy and crumpled at least once in the last week. Taylor Swift? She poops. Fact.

So we have to tell the comparison monkey in our head to stop clashing its little cymbals together and go play in the traffic, because you have awesome shit to create. Because really, we can waste a lot of time, a whole life indeed, telling ourselves that everyone else is better than us, and that we’re so sad and empty because we feel so unfulfilled.

Create Awesomeness. Dream Big dammit. And then stop dreaming, turn the dream into a plan and start taking action.

But how? How to step up and do it?

Here’s todays action step

Well, what do you want? That’s the first thing? What are the things you would love to achieve. What are your desires? Put aside money worries and imagine that you are completely and utterly supported in all that you do. What would you create? Write it down.

Journaling is an awesome way of diving deep into your desire. Give yourself permission not to judge, not to edit, not to use that big grown imp voice and tell yourself it’s irresponsible. Let it flow. Allow the pen to run free – and I do recommend a pen and paper over typing, because the very act of handwriting connects the two hemispheres of your brain so you have feeling and reason coming through. Although in saying that, stay within the feeling of your writing. Remember yesterday how we were talking about being a in a high vibe place? Go there.

Now, with gentle, loving kindness. Read back through and see if you can discern which bits really light you up. Does it include a change of career? Having kids? Travel? Writing a book? Rescuing Donkeys in Spain? Do some of the dreams feel do-able? Do some of them feel ‘scratch them off the list’ ridiculous? What feels like a stretch, but at the same time makes your heart year and your gut feel warm. This is where you sift, your dreams into ‘priority order’, from heart yearn Yes to flat out Noooo!

Remember too, especially if you have started your own business – I know you guys, you have a tendency towards bright shiny object and new projects, You don’t have to burn down the barn to bring more excitement and love into your world. By this I mean, not everything has to change all at once for things to be ‘better’, it can happen slowly. Sometimes by the very act of becoming aware of how your life is in this moment and how you’d like to live your life more fruitfully, you can see that actually you are closer to the dream than you gave yourself credit for.

If you found this journaling helpful then help yourself to my free eBook Journal Your Soul.