Unicorn You – day two
In today’s video we’re exploring how to raise your vibration. The science of it is quantum but not hard to understand.
Raising your vibration, also known as being in the vortex, or plain ol’ getting happy, before you take on any task allows you to access the best part of yourself. This is the bit that makes you Uniquely Awesome. The bit that makes you, YOU.
Not only this, but by feeling good before you communicate your message, you make your message feel good too. When your message is a feel good one then it naturally makes your audience feel good too.
It’s a quick watch, only 8 minutes. Click here to watch 

Your action for this today is super simple. Grab a pen and paper and make a quick list of all the things that make you feel good. These are your steps to radiance.

It might be dancing, singing, taking the dog for a work, cooking or baking, watching a comedy, paintballing (I dunno – whatever floats your boat), anything that makes you feel good, goes on the list.

Also, for extra points, have a think of how you can fully engage and swamp out your negative emotions. In my opinion, when you choose to feel into and move those grumps through then you’re on your way to feeling better. Even though it can feel dreadful to meet those thoughts head on, by acknowledging them you halt the cycle of repressing that gunk in your body.

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