I’m talking to those of us who are a little bit control enthusiast, those of us who have tried before to let people help but decide that it’s “quicker and easier” to do it themselves. Us lot. 

If you are someone who got burnt at an early age by asking for help and were told “You’re not stupid, you should be able to work it out on your own” (somehow managing to make you feel both incredibly dense and entirely alone and isolated). Or if it’s in your history that asking for support received a negative lash back. Then you, I’m talking to you. 

Or being told “That’s a crazy idea” makes you stubborn and determined to succeed. Because dammit you got this far being a lone wolf, why should it be any different now.

Here’s the thing, yes you are bold, brave and tenacious. Yes we love your ability to get on and get the job done. But, with love I say this, it’s depleting you. Surely you find it exhausting? Or at least, a lot less fun than it could be…yuck.

You know that phrase “It takes a village to raise a child”? It’s kind of true, and it’s the same for a business as well. Pretty much anything you love, needs more than just you to grow it up. It requires the support of others. 

And that can be scary huh? It’s almost as though a voice in your head is telling you that you’re not good enough, you should be able to master all aspects of your life. And if you can’t you’ve somehow failed…again…

If there is one thing I can give you it’s this: you are utterly brilliant at the things you are utterly brilliant at. And at some other things you suck, but that’s okay…there are other people who are utterly brilliant at those things and haven’t got the foggiest about how to do the things that make you so perfectly you.

Indeed, just as you look to others to guide you and offer you an alternative point of view, others will look to you.

We’re not supposed to be all things. We are supposed to be a facet. A shining facet within a community. Community is there to lift you up, answer the questions that are beyond you. You are a piece of it all, not all of the piece.

So I urge you, look for support, ask for help, turn to friends as sounding boards, in fact strangers can make the most magnificent of all soundboards- impartial and  nonattached. Find yourself a mentor, someone who gets you, can see what pieces of the puzzle you require, will cheerlead you to reach your desired goal. But, remember you’re not the whole damn village, you don’t need to be, no one is asking you to be. Be you, with back up- You’ll be great x 

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