This is for professional voice users – actors, singers, speakers, performers. Find out about why vocal massage will be beneficial for your career.

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Sixteen million good reasons for you to have Vocal massage – this is why its going to save your career and enhance your potential.

Here’s the thing, you are freaking amazing, and you’re working hard – this is the extra touch of magic you need to bring your talent to the forefront

“Where you think it is it ain’t”

Ida Rolf

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Carrie is nothing short of a sorceress. I came to her with a host of muscular imbalances and pains on my journey to recover from CFS. Her techniques helped relieve my pain, and her education has made me feel empowered to support my body in its healing. What I wasn’t prepared for was the emotional and spiritual journey that Carrie has been instrumental in guiding me through. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have set up my own design business, had the courage to do things that scare me, and ultimately carve out a life I love.
I’m privileged to call Carrie not only my MFR therapist, but my amazing friend too. Trust in her “woo woo”; you won’t regret it

Laura Evans

Carrie was very highly recommended to me and more than lived up to my expectations. I came when I was experiencing recurrent problems with my neck, shoulder and hips. I particularly appreciate the way she both listens to both the symptoms I present but also the solutions that my body needs. Her treatment is at times strong and at others subtle but always effective. I always look forward to appointments with her because I know how good it will make me feel in both body and mind

Toby Oliver

Meet Carrie.

Carrie has been a massage and myofascial therapist for over a decade. Her ability to spot a glitch in the body is second to none – she is a problem solver and believes working with the body to be one of the greatest treasure hunts ever.

Empathetic, analytic and determined. Carrie understands what makes treatment effective and how to amplify your potential and the greatness within you.

An intuitive healer and body worker – firmly grounded in the knowledge that connection is everything and often times where you think the pain or problem is – it’s just a symptom, and you need to look elsewhere for the cause.

Creativity is everywhere, it is our most importatn tool. 

ps I’m a goof ball.

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Congratulations, you’ve found Carrie. Your life is about to change.
For most therapists, I’m a challenging patient. I have a mobility disability; had multiple reconstructive knee surgeries, with severe cases of osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and lipoedema.
I don’t want a fuzzy feel-good massage. I want to do the WORK of healing: To listen to my body, release old blocks, re-programme old patterns, and engage spiritually in deep self-reflection. I want to face and embrace my demons, explore metaphorical meanings, and become whole.
Nothing fazes chameleon-Carrie; she immediately and joyfully adapted to and nurtured my off-the-wall needs. She is always an active participant in my process: part expert bodyworker dismantling and oiling the cogs of the machine, part puzzle-solving shaman exuberantly finding solutions and sharing my revelations.
Her clever hands have intuitive ‘sideways’ techniques that melt away resistance with astonishing results. Myofascial release is gentler than triggerpoint, but still profoundly powerful. The results are tangible: my inflammation reduces, muscles unclench, blood flow improves, long-lost proprioception returns, and my pain is lessened. Even my bodily shame melts away because Carrie is safe and unconditionally non-judgemental.
I stagger in on crutches, often in great pain and despair.
I nearly always walk out in strength, with a clear head, a full heart, fewer burdens to carry… feeling utterly UNSTOPPABLE.
In 20+ years, I’ve never found a therapist who so engages both my body and mind. I am immensely grateful to have found Carrie to help me do this WORK, because yes, she has changed my life for the better.


I love my visits to see Carrie! She will ask me questions (sometimes you wonder where she’s going with it!) listening to me carefully… gathering the information… assessing not just my body physically, but how my emotional health might be affecting the way I’m standing.. or slumping! Carrie has resolved a number of issues for me including very tight muscles in my throat, and the inevitable back/neck problems caused by my sedentary job. During my early visits Carrie tackled those tight throat muscles which were annoying but also beginning to cause real anxiety.
Using myofascial release she managed to ‘unwind’ the muscles and gave me a couple of techniques to try out at home From that first visit, the situation rapidly improved, and now the problem very rarely springs back to annoy me… and when it does, I’m confident I or Carrie can sort it…so no more anxiety either!
Carrie is so knowledgeable and cleverly explains what my body is trying to do in a way that just makes so much sense! She gently but firmly gets to work to remind my body what it should really be doing! After a session, she’s happy to chat more and makes suggestions for stretches I can do myself to maintain and progress the healing process

Elaine Ford

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