It’s nearly time for our monthly Walk in the Woods! I love this gathering. YAY!!


Because being your own boss is brilliant, exciting, scary, lonely, wonderful and overwhelming – sometimes all at once!

This walk in the woods is a time to get out into the trees, breathe in the woodland smells, and remind yourself just how good the world is away from your laptop. This is your time to process a busy week/ month/ year/ life.

My role is to guide you through the trees, encourage conversation and remind you just why you’re so uniquely awesome. Taking time out in nature is a fantastic way to recharge your batteries and process all the things that are happening in your life and business right now.

Studies show that being out in nature lowers stress levels, increases creativity and productivity and improves mood. You can talk through business ideas, challenges and strategy with other women who understand what you’re experiencing.

In my many years of business I see time and time again that Women blossom in community, especially in a safe place where they can vent, laugh and throw off the cloak of sensible. We feel alive when we are supported by others who really get us. And what better place to really own all your amazingness and all your shit than out in the woods, squelching around in the mud!?!

This will be our last walk of the year – and possibly the winter (depending on weather).

Feel free to bring dogs, babes in arms and toddlers. Click here to access the Eventbrite ticket page.

Really looking forward to seeing you! 


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