So, this week I have binged on ‘The Defiant Ones’, a four part Netflix documentary that parallels the lives of Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young (better known as Dr Dre). It’s been a bit of a revelation.

Like crazy inspiring. But then Music is my happy place, especially music culture. I even wrote my degree dissertation on Music as a tool to Social Identity; how we build our self and our tribe through music genres and fandom. If ever there’s a documentary about the US or British music scene in the 70’s or 80’s I am avid. I’ve loved hip hop in it’s many guises for what seems like a millennia, I love the music, the culture, the way it calls and responds to the mood of society, the passion, all of it.

Now Dre I knew about, from NWA To Death Row records, breaking up with Suge Knight there to start Aftermath. He’s produced most of the great West Coast hip hop albums of the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. Jimmy Iovine I knew less about. But what a freaking inspiration. Both men are in my eyes geniuses. Driven, purposeful, living in their passion and their clarity. Iovine, was the man behind Interscope records, if you were a young adult in the 90’s you couldn’t help but be influenced by the bands he broke No Doubt,Nine Inch Nails, Eminem, Marilyn Manson, Primus, Black Eye Peas and on and on . With such talent for knowing when the right moment would be. But the first act he ever sound engineered was John Lennon! He was still a teenager, talk about feeling the pressure.

In the documentary Iovine talks about sound engineering for Bruce Springsteen during the making of his Born to Run album. Working with Springsteen taught the young Jimmy a monumentally important lesson. One that can basically be summed up with “STICK”

What resonated for me was that as a massage therapist, we ply our trade on a heady combination of part intuition and part technique. And for me the technique side can be engineered, it can be refined, it can be stripped back or embellished. What’s so important is that we remember to listen and feel into what is happening under our hands. That should be like Springsteen shouting “STICK” in the back of your head. It’s what stops us from being formulaic, of producing mundane instead of magic.

However you remind yourself, find a way. Your greatest career is rooted in elevating yourself, away from what you ought to do, away from what others are doing, and up into your unique awesomeness. We engineer technique, we combine it with our brilliance, and that creates something magical. So magical that it attracts a tribe of loyal clients, who love you, because you do you with focus, bespokeness and passion.



If you’d like to talk more about how I can help you gain clarity about who you most love to work with and what you most love to do, so you can build a practice that celebrates your unique awesomeness then get in touch and let’s chat