I’m having one of those interesting weeks, maybe you’ve had one too. As I try to ensure that the ‘behind the scenes’ of my business are up to date and working in my favour, I am hitting complications and confusions.

All of the complications I’m hitting are tech based – my website, domain, email etc. It’s the kind of thing I run a mile from. 

I view myself as tech capable, not tech savvy – I can make a website look pretty, but I wouldn’t be able to work out how to fix things when they go wrong ‘under the bonnet’. Historically – this plays out with me, starting from scratch and leaving a trail of broken code and hastily abandoned email addresses, behind me rather than asking for help.

Asking for help has, in the past, been a huge issue for me. How is it for you?

As I grow – and I mean this as a human as well as a business ( in fact I believe most  business growth depends on your willingness to grow as a person first) I have learnt that not only can I not do all the things on my own (oooh that used to steam me up!) but in fact, the smartest thing is to ask for help. It’s quicker, and gets things done right.

However, it certainly doesn’t feel easier. 

Sometimes, you have to be okay with not winning all the battles on your own (Urgh! So much for being independent hey!?!). You are required to give up feeling the righteous fire of being a victim “It’s not my fault, I’m stupid” etc etc and step into the power of saying “There are many things I am good at, but this isn’t one”. That’s something you have to practice.

One of the reasons why we fail to ask for help is because when we do, it’s often perceived as a ‘learning moment’ or a ‘teaching opportunity’, usually by someone well meaning and kind. THEY see it as simple, and think that with enough explaining you’ll grasp it too.Even when it gets explained time and time again. So where do you find yourself? Getting frustrated, embarrassed and out of your zone.

Now I’m all about stretching out of the comfort zone – that’s where growth lies. But this is a very different zone. This is the Zone of Brilliance. 

Your Zone of Brilliance is where you should be focussing most of your time, effort and energy. It’s those tasks, jobs, techniques and moments in which you come alive and your greatness shines. You know the sort of thing, the work that feels easy, more like play than anything demanding. For your Tech guide – that could well be merging email accounts or sorting out the code for your website. For You, well….you know the answer to that. For Me, my Zone of Brilliance is in showing you where the gunk is – both in your body and in your mindset, cleaning it up and supporting you as you flourish into your potential. 

We’re all different. That’s what makes humans so interesting. Take a moment now and jot down what sits in your easy peasy, happy to do, Zone of Brilliance.

 (Even if you feel that your Zone of Brilliance is in doing nothing and chilling out – don’t dismiss the idea. You may well discover a deeper level if you wish to look.)

At the opposite end of the Zone of Brilliance is, well let’s call it the Zone of ‘a bit shit’  (sorry, not very catchy but true!).

These are all the jobs, tasks and activities that make your ears burn, either with anger or shame. The ones you wouldn’t want to do even if you were paid a million pounds. 


Hokay…ready to grab a pen and list them out too?


The cool thing, again, is that this zone is…wait for it…different for everyone! And we get overlap. So the things you hate, someone else loves to do. Conversely those tasks you could happily spend the rest of your living days doing, will be another person’s living nightmare.

Yay for being human!!

Which of course…is why you should ask for help. When someone else is taking care of the jobs you loathe, you can be spending more time creating the magic you love. 

Like I am right now. In the time it’s taken for me to type this chat with you out, a lovely individual at Ionos called Kevin, has been straightening out my website’s PHP, inactive Plugins and herding in the correct SQL something or other. I really have little idea of how, and that’s okay because Kevin has their Zone of Brilliance and I have mine!

Don’t delay – the key to life is doing what makes you truly happy, so how can you delegate out your ‘a bit shit’ and bring in more of your Brilliance?? And, in addition to this, where do you need clarity to help you make the shifts?

It’s always easier to get a little perspective when you are sounding it out with a non judgemental, objective cheerleader – someone who loves you, appreciates that growing can be tricky, but can reassure you that ultimately it will lead to your greater happiness and fulfilment. Oh, did I mention that’s also in MY Zone of Brilliance?

I’d love to hear what you found – let me know, and if you’re ready to chat about how full hearted, enthusiastic mentoring can help you become more of the awesome magical being you know you are, let’s do it.