AKA The Anatomy of a session

Sometimes I work with clients virtually and sometimes I work with them in person. Both ways are awesome – I love watching the glitches reveal themselves as we go Spelunking (You can read about what that means here). How I work and what this may do for you, can seem a little fuzzy though I admit – I’m so immersed in the moment, that I forget to recount it. 


There is an intersect between body and thoughts, I’m absolutely sure of it. Much study has been given to the effects of trauma on the body and the chemical nature of stress stored in the cells of the body – email me if you’d like reading recommendations. However, it isn’t just about trauma – it’s also about the effects of EVERYDAY LIFE.


How you feel about your relationships, about your work, about your responsibilities can also show up in your body. If you are stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, it’s there in your posture superficially, and on a deeper level, it’s stored in how you grip your hips, hunch your shoulders, clench your jaw. Same with feeling relaxed, confident, at ease with all things in your life – your body is open, expansive, your movement is free and smooth. 


If your body is the page your life is written on, then you are a book to be read – my eyes scan it’s text whilst my fingers read the braille.


For many of us, lockdown has had a lot of feels, a lot of new experiences to be processed. Our days have changed shape as we make space for kids at home, working from home and spending greater periods of time with our home inhabitants, whilst feeling at times severed from our greater circle of loves. So I expected, when I resumed in person treatments, to see interesting apparitions of body gunk. 

Today, I’ll give you an insight into what it’s like when you join me for an in person session.

Let’s meet Anita, she’s a voice coach – we’ve worked together many, many times over the years. I adore the connection she has to her body through her own work,  she’s great at recognising patterns of discomfort and pain and is proactive in sorting shit out before it gets super gunky. 

Before she hits the couch, we have a brief chat about what’s showing up in her body – grumpy right shoulder, and crunchy left hip. We’re used to the shoulder, it appears intermittently – it’s like a canary in a mine for Anita.

I ask her how business is. “It feels unstable” says Anita “A lot like my hip!”. 

See, I told you she was good! 

That’s practised connection. We all have it, it’s intuitive and usually very spot on. 

Naturally my hands start at her hip – after all, Anita has just given me a huge hint. Now, I could go into detail of the treatment, but I won’t. Some things have to be felt to be believed. 

But a brief synopsis is this, your body starts to soften under my hands, and in doing so it loosens the gunk of the fascial planes (fascia is connective tissue, it wraps around every muscle, tendon and organ of your body – basically it’s everywhere). You can feel the sensations of release run through your body and land in unexpected body parts – much like watching a run in a stocking, it starts small but ladders all the way up!  Anita’s left hip tightness speaks to her right shoulder. I follow the trail, up to her shoulder, feel how it releases her neck muscles and how this is then chatting to the opposite side of her neck and scalp. 

It’s an unravelling. It’s an unwinding. 


Throughout this body work, we continue to follow the trail of resistance in her business and other related matters. Watching as her breath changes as she connects the dots and comes up with realisations. It’s like watching her settle back into her body as her plans become clear and her course corrected.

So many times over I’ve seen this take place: the body softens, the talk gains clarity, it leads into the next pocket of gunk, my hands follow where it shows up body-wise and the conversation follows. Clearing the gunk, bringing clarity of thought, softening the body so it feels comfortable and aligned, allowing old beliefs to slough away so better ways of being can shine confidently through.


Does this sound like something you could do with in your life? 

I think it’s something we could all enjoy more of. 

The beauty of it is two fold (at least) – physical relaxation and restoration and a change in the way you think and behold your life. There are different layers at play, all intricately intertwined, if you are willing to explore them, I am here to support you. 

So many times I’ve seen the relief on a client’s face as they realise that for those years they have been carrying a burden, and now they are finally at ease to let it go. My role is to guide you through the gunk (bodily, belief and other), and offer alternative perspectives to help you reframe the beliefs that no longer serve you.

Now I understand that geography is always a consideration. You may not be ready to travel to me…yet.

So next time , I’ll share with you how it is to work with me virtually.  In the meanwhile, if you are raring to start the conversation about how You can get the support you need to flourish and become fulfilled in life let’s chat.