I’m CaRrie Ekins

Personal Body Mind Mentor & Curiosity Coach

Life. I like to think of it as ‘The Wonder Experiment’

The Wonder Experiment - £39

Your Five Day Transformation Primer. Pause, Rest, Nurture, and Support, Intentionally. (button to lead to sales cart)

The Wonder Experiment - $44

Your Five Day Transformation Primer. Pause, Rest, Nurture, and Support, Intentionally. (button to lead to sales cart)

Helping You Awaken Your Dreams & Desires.

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to life as a Wonder Experiment

How often have you found the big old World out there overwhelming? It can be cold, hard and cynical, and we can sometimes feel that we are too. If we allow ourselves we may be shoved into a narrower and narrower box of comparison and fear. To combat this we use distractions such as shopping and screens. How exhausting!

The World needs us to step away from the panic, to take a deep breath and get reconnected to all the freaking wonder there is to behold. But how do we do this? By reminding ourselves that we get to choose our perspective. We may switch from focusing on the problems to opening up to solutions and seeing the wonder and magic all around us

This five day course of transformation is for you if you’d like to reconnect with yourself, each other and our environment. Over our time together you will discover:

The Pause - That magical moment between stimuli and response where the world is open to all possibility and you get to choose the next step.

How to gift yourself simple techniques to nurture your body and mind whilst stepping you away from overwhelm.

Ways to cultivate a deep childlike curiosity and combine it with the wisdom of an elder.

Create an intentional space in your home where you can honour you and your magic.

How to reclaim rest from it's decadent connotations and discover how to make it intentional and essential

Set Your Own Pace

5 daily classes that you can revisit over and over again for as long as the course exists. Take what you need in the moment and come back to deepen in your own time.


Immerse Yourself in Wonder

Slow down your breath, step away from the panic, learn to listen deeply. Be both childlike and wise.  Come back into your body

Nurture & Rest Intentionally

This is a time to explore your medicine. What do you need to be rested and well? How can you create a space that supports you best?

Connect & Ground

See the other point of view, reconnect to curiosity, ask questions and peel back judgement. Allow yourself to be in this moment, present and grounded

What Is The Wonder Experiment?
Who is it For?

The Wonder Experiment is a five day transformation primer. Within it are tools for daily intentional living. The purpose of the Wonder Experiment is to reseat you in your power to create your reality. To make changes where change is required. To no longer stand for the status quo of ‘this is how it’s always been’. 

If you feel deeply that there is change to be made, that things don’t have to continue in the same vein. That within you there is unique awesomeness, a vast potential, that is ready to be shared with the world. Across are some statements, if they resonate with you, then I invite you to join The Wonder Experiment.


The World doesn't need more of the same has often crossed your mind.

If you believe that the world needs new ideas, better voiced beliefs. If it requires collaboration over competition and a break from the hierarchical nature, but are unsure of how to stay grounded and intentional for the highest good of others, The Wonder Experiment is for you.

You require better tools to be a better Ally.

Being an Ally for change, requires you to be able to fill yourself up so that you can help others do the same. This means learning to rest effectively, learning to protect your creativity, and being aware of where your boundaries need tending to so you can support others without burning out.

Whilst you may not be a front line activist, you play an important role in being their support and a container for change

Can you be as curious as a child with the wisdom of an elder? You wonder...

Ever hung out with a four year old? It’s 800 questions before lunch. As grown ups we find asking questions hard at times, especially the difficult ones. We’ll talk about how to stay open to learning new things from others, without judgement and with courage.

The idea that 'Intention is everything' fascinates you.

Setting intention is like laying the table before the feast. Often in the midst of eating no one notices the tablewear, and yet it has the ability to elevate the experience to one that is sensual and scintillating. Intention can be woven through your entire life. It’s the magic ingredient in creating environments, communties, and desires.

You're tired of feeling tired. It's time to remove the stigma from rest

You’ve heard the dogma “Sleep when you’re dead”, “Rest is for wimps”. My love it is all BS, why do you think so many animals sleep for so many hours a day? We have learnt to equate rest for weakness. Discover instead how rest can be powerful – so you can process life more effectively, be less overwhelmed and gift your body the time to heal and excel that it really needs.

About Me

Often described as childlike due to her ceaseless curiosity and endless wonder in simple things. Carrie has spent a considerable portion of her life doing exactly what she wants, for no better reason than it makes her very happy.

Well qualified in never having had a ‘proper’ job, Carrie has learnt to write in the third person for odd bits of blurb like this.

Seriously, though. I chose to be self employed. In actuality, I chose freedom. I chose 7 years of travel and snowboarding. I chose to upcycle my surroundings to fit my vision. I chose to follow my heart and become a massage therapist specialising in myofascial release (even though I have a 2:1 BSc hons in Psychology). 


“Mauris aliquam lobortis eros tincidunt sodales. Vestibulum non quam vitae sapien eleifend varius. Phasellus id metus mauris.”

“Mauris aliquam lobortis eros tincidunt sodales. Vestibulum non quam vitae sapien eleifend varius. Phasellus id metus mauris.”

“Mauris aliquam lobortis eros tincidunt sodales. Vestibulum non quam vitae sapien eleifend varius. Phasellus id metus mauris.”

Online Coaching Resources

Letters to Your Badass Future Self.

Discover how to enahnce your intuition and create a magical realtionship with yourself through journaling and journeying

Degunked & Aligned

A key component to being your most uniquely awesome self is Alignment. Get to know what you’re awesome at, identify your next magical project and get it done!

One to One Mentoring

Take your unique awesomeness to the next level. Because you’re too freaking magical to be sat on your jacksy waiting for your magic to happen. Take it on and work your magic!

When You Are Immersed In A World That Delights and Lights You Up, You Can Be Better Balanced, Creative, Supportive & Transformational.

I want you to understand how freaking magical you are. You have been stood in the shadows for too long, second guessing yourself, being scared off by the opinions of others, pleasing people that don’t matter.

You are Clever, Magnificent, Off the Chart Talented, and World Changing. But you have been hiding your wonder and shading your curiosity, afraid of what will happen if you shine bright.


Be all that you are, because we need change NOW. We need your voice to rise up with LOVE and fly the flag of you. 

But you’re going to need some SUPPORT. That’s why I’m here. To GROUND you, INSPIRE you, CHEER for you, HUG you when you’re down and CELEBRATE you.

Let’s do this!

Carrie x


Don’t Wait Any Longer. You’re Too Freaking Magical To Just Sit There!