How would it feel to not only put the magic back in your hands, but to experience an amplification of that magic?

I believe I can help you get CERTAIN about what you are UNIQUELY AWESOME at. Become CLEAR about who you love to work with.  And, so importantly, RECONNECT with why you fell in love with doing what you do in the first place.

I believe that even if we work alone, creative, heart led Indie Biz owners are social animals. We require support, certainty and to feel as though we are understood. It’s hard enough to be a human being sometimes, let alone being an unsupported human being of a sensitive and empathic nature!

In over a decade, I’ve experienced the vulnerability of being self employed more times than I care to remember: the boom and bust of client bookings; the whole shebang of constantly wondering if we are giving the right answers to our clients, or whether we need to change tack; that whole ‘I’m not good enough’ schtick. Now, I’m not saying that I’ve got ALL the answers, but what I do have is experience and knowledge, a fresh pair of eyes and a keen pair of ears, and a heart not only as big as an ocean but as strong as a lions roar too.

Working with me is a combination of play, trust and digging deep – the mixture is different for each of us and that’s important. We’ll get you clear about who you love to work with, connect you to why you do what you do and bring you certainty that you are more than enough for the people you need you to do the awesome magic that you do. We’ll bust down your illusions of competition, scarcity and fear whilst building up your belief in Yourself and in the infinite supply of all that is good.

When you get connection, clarity and certainty you become a happier human. A Happier human living a life that feels easier, is more prosperous and feels deeply, deeply satisfying. You make decisions about your career built on trust and love, that honours your purpose in life without lowering your place on the priority ladder. What else? Well, how about a lot less burn out too. So you can continue to do the work you love for much much longer. Imagine that, you get to decide when (or if) you retire, not your broken body and broken spirit dictates.

So what happens when you say YES! to being a Treatment Unicorn?

Whether you choose to work with me for 3 months, 6 months or longer, we’ll be focused on the Work.

Each month you’ll have two 45 minute virtual sit downs with me where we’ll dive deep into:

  • Where you are right now, in terms of your business and your life.
  • We’ll map out where you’re moving forward to.
  • What’s blocking you?
  • How it can be made EASY
  • You’ll receive guidance, clarification, implementation tasks, a new point of view, self care and maybe a little ritual too!
  • Journaling prompts, to get all that good stuff swirling in your head out onto the page and then take action.

This is one to one, you get all of me, my wisdom and experience, my attention and my compassion, and my random sense of humour, the lot. I do this via Zoom, it brings us face to face, and that’s so important. We are all world champions at toughing it out and hiding our vulnerabilities, and seeing you helps me to spot it. Spotting it isn’t about ‘Calling you out on your shit’, it’s about being there for you so you can identify where you need to show yourself compassion and hope. Trust is pivotal in all of our relationships – it strenthens our power and brings transformation. Just because the meeting is virtual, the trust is real and cherished.


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