This morning, I had the absolute pleasure and delight of giving a myofascial release treatment to one of my favourite human beings. And tomorrow I get to do it again with another of my favourites!!!

Seriously, I can’t even put into words how much I love what I do. I am a creature of curiosity – I love to know how life and person fit together. I love to help people reach into their potential and get the best out of themselves – not just in business, but as an actual functioning human being too.

There will be a point in the near future when I take on a physical grounded studio again and it will become a place of alchemy – just like Thrive was but more so.

So. Much. More. So.

Because I learn so much from my clients and I have so much more to teach. And so much more to learn

In the meanwhile, I have become a travelling being and all of this goodness is delivered in my RestMent package.

If you’re curious as to what RestMent is and what it will do for you, check it out here